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MSR Met Rust-o-clean-80

MSR Met Rust-o-clean-80 is a phosphric acid based Deruster for Ferrous Metals, prior to phosphating in hot or at room temperature.

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Potassium Amyl Xanthate

Potassium amyl xanthate is a most powerful collector of Xanthate, widely used in the processing of metal collector.

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ALFA 2000 Iron Phosphate

ALFA 2000 Iron Phosphate is a low temperature, clean and phosphate substrate at one step.

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ALFA 2010 Iron Phosphate

ALFA 2010 Iron Phosphate forms heavier coating on a cleaned surface.

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ALFA 2030 Iron Phosphate

ALFA 2030 Iron Phosphate forms iron phosphate coating on a cleaned surface.

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ALFA 2150 Zinc Phosphate

ALFA 2150 Zinc Phosphate is an internal accelerated zinc phosphate.

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ALKALINE DEGREASER - AVC is a mild alkaline cleaner for non ferrous metals and can be used ferrous metals.

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ALKALINE DEGREASER - AVD is a heavy duty degreasing for ferrous metals.

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Aluminum Acetylacetonate

Aluminum Acetylacetonate is a crystalline powder that ranges in color from white to yellow. It can be used as a crosslinker or an adhesive promoter as well as a catalyst for organic synthesis.

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PARTS WASHING SOLVENT LO is an economical blend of low aromatic solvents specially formulated for equipment and parts cleaning. PARTS WASHING SOLVENT LO is very effective in cleaning all types of oils and greases from metal parts. PARTS WASHING SOLVENT LO is non-toxic, has a flash point above 145° F, does not contain mineral spirits, and has a relativity low odor.

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