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Europium Metal Purified 99.9%

Europium metal is steel grey metal of body-centered cubic lattice, which is soft and ductile. It is rare earth element, which is available with powder, foil, rod, piece, ingot, granule, slug, sputtering target. Eu react rapidly with oxygen and water. When heating to 150~180℃, it fires in air. Europium powder tend to ignite, which is most active among rare earth metals. There are two production method, reduction and distillation. Distilled Eu piece is dendritic with higher purity than reduced Eu metal.

Europium Metal

Purity: Eu/REM 99.99% 4N

CAS No.:7440-53-1 EINECS No.:231-161-7 Molecular Formula:Eu Molecular Weight:151.96
Density:5.244 Melting Point:822℃ Boiling Point:1597℃ UN 2813 4.3/PG 1


Europium piece uses in producing superconducting alloy film.

Tetra Potassium Pyrophosphate

Tetra Potassium Pyrophosphate Synonyms: tetra potassium pyrophosphate, potassium diphosphate, TKPP Formula: K4P2O7, Molecular: 330.34 CAS No.: 7320-34-5, EC No.: 230-785-7 Characteristic: White powder or granular, deliquescent, soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol. Specification: Purity (K4P2O7) 98% Min Iron (Fe) 50ppm Max Water insoluble matter 0.10% Max PH value (1% solution) 10?11 Total phosphorus (P2O5) 41% Min Heavy metal (as Pb) 20ppm Max Loss on ignition 1% Max Cl content 0.45% Max Appearance White powder Application: For industry, it can be used in non-cyanide plating, surface finishing, high-grade detergent, paint coating etc. For food industry, it can be used as emulsifying agent, chelating agent, quality improver. Packing and storage: 25kg/bag, store in ventilated and dry place.

Ytterbium Metal Purified 99.9%


Ytterbium metal is silvery rare earth metals, which is soft and ductile. It can process into many kind of targets or other shapes as foil, rod, cylinder, powder and ingot. Yb slowly oxidize in air. It is relatively stable. It mainly exists in xenotime and euxenite. Yb metal powder is insoluble in water, but soluble in acid and liquid ammonia. There are two production methods, distillation and reduction. It can process into foil, wire, slug, sheet, rod, powder and sputtering target. Ytterbium ingot is of REM 99.99%. However its powder is of REM 99.9% and particle size -100mesh and -200mesh.

Ytterbium Metal


CAS No.: 7440-64-4 EINECS No.: 231-173-2 Molecular Formula: Yb Molecular Weight: 173.04
Melting Point:819℃ Boiling Point:1196℃ Density: 6.97  



Ytterbium target is for sputtering. It is also raw material for special alloys, which is mainly for metallurgy and chemical experiments. Ytterbium alloys get wide applications in dental.

In recent years, ytterbium get rapid development in optical fibre communication and laser technique as phosphate glass doping erbium-ytterbium, Yb:YAG, Yb:GGG, Yb:FAP, Yb:S-FAP, Yb:YVO4, borate doping Yb and silicate salts.

Ytterbium metal is also activating agent for fluorescent powder, radio ceramics, additive for magnetic bubble of computer memory device and optical glass.

Carbon Nanotubes- Single walled

Carbon Nanotubes- Single walled have unique electronic and mechanical properties which can be used in numerous applications, such as field-emission displays, nanocomposite materials, nanosensors, and logic elements. These materials are on the leading-edge of electronic fabrication, and are expected to play a major role in the next generation of miniaturized electronics.

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Gadolinium Metal Purified 99.9%

Gadolinium metal is rare earth, which is available in powder, ingot, granule, wire, sheet, foil, sputtering target and so on. It is silvery white metal and own ductility, which also own ferromagnetism and extraordinary superconductivity. Gd powder is soluble in dilute acid. It tends to oxidize in moisture air and turns dark. Gd ingot turns to white oxide after firing in air. It is relatively stable in dry air. There are two production methods, distillation method and reduction method. The distilled gadolinium piece is dendritic with higher purity than reduced one.

Gadolinium Metal

Purity: Gd/REM 99.9% 3N

Particle size: -100mesh, -200mesh

CAS No.:7440-54-2 EINECS No.:231-162-2 Molecular Formula:Gd Molecular Weight:157.25
Density:7.9004 Melting Point:1313 Boiling Point:3266 UN 3208 4.3/PG 3


Gadolinium metal foil mainly applies to prepare magneto-optic material and magnetic refrigerant material. It also acts as neutron absorber material in atomic reactor. Gadolinium metal powder is catalyst in chemical reaction. It is raw material for fluorescent powder of microwave technology and colored TV.

Neodymium Target Purified 99.9%

neodymium target rare earth metal sputtering target

evaporation coating material, vacuum coating material

Nd 99.9% REM

Dysprosium Powder Purified 99.9%

Dysprosium powder is gray fine particles, which is a kind of rare earth metal. Its size could be custom-made. It is stable in air. When close to o℃, dysprosium metal has superconductivity. At high temperature, it easy to oxidize by air and water, which form dysprosium(III) oxide. Dysprosium also have good property of optical, electric, magnetic and nuclear except common chemical activity of rare earth elements, as misch metal and compounds. It can also process into ingot, foil, sheet, rod, wire and sputtering target. There are two production method of Dy metal, distillation method and reducation method. The distilled dysprosium piece is dendritic with higher purity than reduced one. Dy ingot is of REM 99.9% by distillation method. Dy powder is of REM 99.9% and particle size -100mesh and -200mesh.

Dysprosium Powder

Purity: Dy/REM 99.9% 3N

CAS No.:7429-91-6 EINECS No.:231-073-9 Molecular Formula: Dy Molecular Weight:162.50
Melting Point:1407℃ Boiling Point:2335℃ Density:8.55  


Dysprosium metal is mainly for producing new lighting source dysprosium lamp. it is control material in reactor.  It is necessary metal raw material for terfenol.

Dy element is raw material for magnetic alloys Nd-Fe-B , infrared ray generator and laser materials.

Fluorescent powder need dysprosium as activating agent. Luminescent materials doping dysprosium can be as trichromatic phosphor.

Palladium pivalate LAB GRADE 97%

Alfa Chemistry offers an extensive catalog of building blocks, reagents, catalysts, reference materials, and research chemicals in a wide range of applications. We supply Palladium pivalate (Cas no:106224-36-6). More information please visit the website:

Sodium Hypophosphite Monohydrate

Sodium Hypophosphite Abbreviation: SHPP, HYPO Formula:?NaH2PO2?H2O Purity:?102% CAS:?10039-56-2 (Monoydrate) 7681-53-0 (Anhydrous) HS code: 2835100000 1. Appearance and properties: White crystalline, hydroscopic and deliquescent, easily soluble in water and alcohol. 2. Usage: Mainly used as the reductant for chemical plating. A dense and uniform nickel phosphorus film can be obtained for both large equipment and tiny components. Articles with complicated external shape of convex concave lines or internal wall of deep-hollow. The surface of non-metals such as plastic, ceramics, glass etc. The film possess a good surface hardness and abrasion mechanism.And petroleum fields. Also used as interface activator. M.W.moderator and the rmostablizer for synthetic resins and additive for foods. 3. Specifications: NaH2PO2?H2O: 102.0%Min Na2HPO3: 0.2%Max Calcium(Ca): 30ppm Max Sulfate(SO4): 30ppm Max Chloride(CI): 30ppm Max Iron(Fe): 1ppm Max As 1ppm max Pb 1ppm max Cd 1ppm max PH: 6.0-8.0 4. Packing: 25KG/50Lb net Multi-wall paper bag.500kg?1000kg supersack.

Aminotrimethylene Phosphonic Acid

Aminotrimethylene phosphonic acid has excellent chelation, low threshold inhibition and lattice distortion ability. It can prevent scale formation, calcium carbonate in particular, in water system. It has good chemical stability and is hard to be hydrolyzed in water system. At high concentration, it has good corrosion inhibition. It is used in industrial circulating cool water system and oilfield water pipeline in fields of thermal power plant and oil refinery plant. It can decrease scale formation and inhibit corrosion of metal equipment and pipeline. It can be used as chelating agent in woven and dyeing industries and as metal surface treatment agent.

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