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ALA 1701

ALA 1701 is barium zinc mixed metal stabilizer.

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Fluorine is the most electronegative and reactive of all elements. Natural fluorine is monoisotopic, consisting of fluorine-19. It has found uses in studies of protein structures and conformational changes. Elemental fluorine is occasionally used as a fluorinating agent in industrial processes. The largest use for elemental fluorine is preparing uranium hexafluoride, used in the production of nuclear fuels. Other than those, elemental fluorine is used for the production of tetrafluoromethane, plasma etching in semiconductor manufacturing, flat panel display production, and microelectromechanical systems fabrication. Inorganic fluorides and organofluorine compounds, a fraction of which are prepared from elemental fluorine, find use in a variety of materials and chemicals, including important pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, lubricants, and textiles. Hydrofluoric acid and certain fluoride-containing salts are useful etchants for glass. In the electrolysis of the metal and its purification, it acts to lower the melting point of aluminium oxide and acts like a powerful flux for glass. Perfluorooctanoic acid and tetrafluoroethylene are directly used in water resistant coatings and in the production of low friction plastics such as Teflon, or PTFE. Other fluorine-based compounds are used in the production of haloalkanes such as chlorofluorocarbons, which are used extensively in air conditioning and in refrigeration. They have been banned for these applications because they contribute to ozone destruction.

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MWV M-15

MWV M-15 contains fatty acids and approximately 15 percent rosin. It is used in metalworking compounds, alkyd resins and pine oil cleaners.

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MWV M-38

MWV M-38 contains fatty acids and approximately 40 percent rosin. MWV M-38 is used in metalworking formulations and in other applications requiring a high rosin content mixed acid.


NEODOL 1 Alcohols are high purity linear primary alcohols manufactured using the Shell Hydroformylation process.NEODOL 1 used for Industrial and Institutional cleaning, Metal working fluids, Chemical intermediate.


Thiourea is an organosulfur compound. It is structurally similar to urea, except that the oxygen atom is replaced by a sulfur atom. Thiourea is a reagent in organic synthesis. It is used directly in ore filtering, metal refinery and cleaning, isomerization catalyst and as an additive in fertilizers, drilling auxiliaries, light-sensitive photocopy paper and explosives. It is used as a fixing agent in photography, as a liquefying agent in animal hide glue, as an insecticide, as a textile-treating agent, and as an intermediate to produce other compounds. Thiourea and its derivatives are versatile intermediates for the synthesis of modified thermosetting resins, thiourea dioxide, dyes, flame retardants, vulcanization accelerators, plant protection agents, pesticides, amino resins, peptizing agents, fungicides, hair preparations, dry cleaning chemicals, corrosion inhibitors and thiazole drugs.

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o-Cresol is a phenol. It is an isomer of p-cresol, m-cresol and anisole. Cresols are used to dissolve other chemicals, as disinfectants and deodorizers, and to make specific chemicals that kill insect pests. They are found in many foods and in wood and tobacco smoke, crude oil, coal tar, and in brown mixtures such as creosote, cresolene and cresylic acids, which are wood preservatives.

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ALA 1090a

ALA 1090a is Barium- cadmium -zinc liquid mixed metal stabilizer.

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ALA 228 M

ALA 228 M is a Barium-zinc stabilizer cum kicker.

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ALA 560 F

ALA 560 F is potassium- zinc liquid mixed metal kicker/stabilizer.

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