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Aladdin Semi-Synthetic 4350

Aladdin Semi-Synthetic 4350 is a high performance, chlorine free, water soluble, cutting and grinding fluid designed for heavy-duty cutting and grinding applications on ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, where bio-stability, cleanliness, corrosion prevention, low odor, and high operator acceptance are primary concerns. Belt grinding, boring, broaching, deep-hole drilling, form grinding, tapping, threading, and severe turning are typical applications. This is a very versatile and a very economic fluid with outstanding performance characteristics, has almost no odor, is low foaming and capable of high pressure, through the tool fluid applications. It greatly reduces selective component depletion that leads to increased product usage. This product works well in individual sumps and large central systems due in part to its outstanding emulsion stability.

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Alfa 2400

Alfa 2400 produce a crystalline, oil absorptive coating with excellent wear resistance.

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Alfa 2580

Alfa 2580 forms a yellow chromate coating on cleaned zinc/galvanized surface. Excellent base for paint adhesion.

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Alumibond 1200

Alumibond 1200 is a concentrated powdered chemical process that produces a highly corrosion-resistant conversion coating on aluminum and aluminum alloys. The solution is easy to control and has excellent life. The color of the coating can be varied from light iridescent to dark yellow. This coating may be color dyed or used as a final finish or as a base for organic coatings.

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