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Focus Base 422

Focus Base 422 is a premium oil-soluble emulsifier package. It can be used to emulsify hydro-treated base oils like Group I and Group II oils. It is sodium sulfonate-free with a unique surfactant system. It provides hard water-stable emulsions with excellent corrosion protection. Focus Base 422 will make premium grade soluble oils.Focus Base 422 was developed to emulsify Group II base oils. Focus Base 422 is having excellent lubricity, corrosion protection and excellent reserve alkalinity

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Focus Base P-20

Focus Base P-20 is an emulsifier base with a branched succinic acid (Focus P-60) as the primary emulsifier in place of natural and synthetic sodium sulfonate. It is designed for use in both paraffinic and naphthenic base oils. Focus Base P-20 have improved hard water stability, and as a dispersant in the emulsion system, assisting in prevention of soap and sludge build up in the sumps and reducing corrosion and microbiological problems.

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Focus Base PS 12

Focus Base PS 12 is a cost effective, soluble oil emulsifier base package designed for use in both naphthenic and paraffinic oils. It can be used to formulate both soluble oils and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids. Focus Base PS 12 is formulated with a sodium sulfonate/succinic anhydride primary emulsion system and gives improved hard water stability and good rust protection with cleanliness. It assists in the prevention of soap and sludge build-up in sumps,reducing corrosion and microbiological problems.

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Polartech EA 500

Polartech EA 500 is an amine free co-emulsifier for use at low concentrations to provide improved emulsion and concentrate stability, readily incorporated into formulations, particularly effective in semi synthetic and higher oil products. Polartech EA 500 is semi synthetic watermix metalworking fluids, high oil watermix metalworking fluids, synthetic cleaning fluids, post treatment of watermix systems.


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