Buy sugar mill sanitation biocides, mill sanitation chemicals kills bacteria in sugar mills


Bellacide 303

Bellacide 303 Eliminates the need for two separate products in many alternating biocide programs.

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Bellacide 325

Bellacide 325 Pale-coloured dispersion and has been developed to control algae in industrial water systems and ornamental fountains.

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Bellacide 329

Bellacide 329 complements oxidizing biocides.

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Bellacide 350

Bellacide 350 is a 50% aqueous solution of tributyl, tetradecyl phosphonium chloride. It is a broad spectrum biocide developed specifically for the control of microbiological fouling in cooling water system. Bellacide 350 is effective in preventing the buildup of microbiological slimes and can also be used to clean heavily fouled systems. Bellacide 350 has a high activity against aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, algae and fungi. It is used for recalculating cooling and process water systems including air washers, non-food pulp and paper microbiological control, and bacterial control in enhanced oil recovery and pipeline systems. It offers cost effective, broad spectrum micro-biological control and is cost competitive with other commonly used non-oxidizing biocides.


QEMIQUAT 3050 is highly effective quaternary ammonium based broad spectrum microbiocide.It increases sucrose recovery.

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Santocide Q20

Santocide Q20 is a micro biocide for mill sanitation. It control growth of bacteria & fungi found in cane which cause considerable loss of source by inversion in to dextrin.

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Accotreat C515

Accotreat C515 is a highly effective microbiocide with broad activity against bacteria, algae and fungi. It is developed as a microbiocide for cooling towers, air washers, paper mills and cane sugar applications. Its formulation is based on mixture of organo-sulphur compounds, dithiocarbamates, and is compatible with most anionic water treatment chemicals.

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Liquibrom 4000

Liquibrom 4000 activation generates oxidizing bromine

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Liquibrom 4300

Liquibrom 4300 activation generates oxidizing bromine.

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Liquibrom 4600

Liquibrom 4600 is a biocide whos activation generates oxidizing bromine.

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