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QEMIQUAT 3050 is highly effective quaternary ammonium based broad spectrum microbiocide.It increases sucrose recovery.

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SUGAROCIDE is specialized molecule designed for the application of mill sanitation in sugar mill. Active ingredient of the molecule is chlorine dioxide which is known as best sanitation & disinfection chemical in addition to mixture of certain non oxidizing biocides. The solution has a neutral pH hence dosing the same during sugar production will not drop the pH of the solution. It provides steady bactericidal efficacy within a broad pH range of pH 4 to pH 11. It works by denaturing the protein molecules, which is the basis of these microorganisms. This results in their destruction by oxidation. Because of this method of destruction, it is impossible for the microorganism to form any resistance to the product.

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Santocide AD15

Santocide AD15 is a micro biocide for mill sanitation. It is an effective aldehyde base bactericide cum preservative for cane sugar juice.

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Santocide Q20

Santocide Q20 is a micro biocide for mill sanitation. It control growth of bacteria & fungi found in cane which cause considerable loss of source by inversion in to dextrin.

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Sodium Dithiocarbamate

Sodium Dithiocarbamate is a dithiocarbamate based mill sanitation biocide in sugar industry and water treatment process.

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