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What are Mining Chemicals?

Mining chemicals are instrumental in the efficient recovery of oresfrom natural deposits. These chemicals improve the purity of the minerals and metals.The industry has both specializedandcommodity chemicals.There are various operations involved that require chemicals such as dewatering agents, emulsifiers, floatation reagents, dust control suppressants, floatation frothers, flocculants, dispersants, coagulants and collectors.


Types of Mining Chemicals

- Flocculants and Coagulants

Companies buy these range of mining chemicals for improving the overall performance by matching charge and molecular weight to the properties of the mineral slurry. Flocculants and coagulants are designed to bring down the overall cost of mineral processing applications.

- Dewatering Aids

Dewatering chemicals find applications in mining operations for dewatering mineral ores, concentrates and solids. Industries buy mining chemicals belonging to this category to reduce the cake moisture present during the filtration of mineral slurries like oxide ores of zinc, iron, lead and copper. Manufacturing industries buy these from mining chemicals suppliers to cut down handling and fuel costs.

- HeatTransferFluids

Heat transfer fluids also known as heat exchangers are used to transfer heat between two or more fluids. They find applications in both heating and cooling processes. Companies buy mining chemicals of this category to use on a range of mining equipment. Heat exchanger fluids increase the efficiency ofcondensing, heating and cooling processes.

- Dispersants

Dispersants are efficient antiscalants, which manufacturers buy from mining chemicals suppliers, owing to their effective rheological and dispersing properties. This type of mining chemicals finds applications in kaolin and gold processing.  slurries. It prevents the deposition of barium sulphate, calcium sulphate, strontium sulphate and calcium carbonate in industrial systems.

- Collectors

Collectors are mining chemicals used widely for the floatation of sulfide minerals such as iron, nickel, copper, zinc, lead, gold and many more. They provide help in delivering higher metallurgical performance.

- Dust Control Suppressants

Dust control suppressants are mining chemicals that are bought by companies from mining chemicals suppliers as a dust control agent and soil stabilizer. The function of these types of mining chemicals are to act as dust suppressants during transport of dry mined material, where they are influenced by windy conditions.


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