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SUPERFLOC N 100 flocculants exhibit consistent quality and high active polymer content.SUPERFLOC N 100 is free of nonylphenol and all nonionic and anionic powder flocculants contain less than 500 ppm of acrylamide residuals.

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Thorium Dioxide

Thorium dioxide is used as a stabilizer in tungsten electrodes in TIG welding, electron tubes, and aircraft engines.It is also used in high-temperature ceramics, gas mantles, nuclear fuel, flame spraying, crucibles, non-silicia optical glass, catalysis, filaments in incandescent lamps, cathodes in electron tubes and arc-melting electrodes.

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Titanium Rutile

Titanium Rutile is one of the form of titanium dioxide.It is a common accessory mineral in high-temperature and high-pressure metamorphic rocks and in igneous rocks.

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Ammonium Bromate

Ammonium Bromate is widely used in mining as an explosive.

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Diacetyl Dioxime

Dimethylglyoxime is used in the analysis of palladium or nickel.It is used as a solution in ethanol.

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Envirowet DC-100

Envirowet DC-100 is a dust control agent for haulage roads.

Ferro Phosphorus

Ferro Phosphorus is mainly used for special-type-iron as alloying agent and deoxidizer in metallurgy industry. It is also used to manufacture the phosphate production in chemical products. Ferro Phosphorus is used mainly as the additives in the foundry industry to improve the foatability of foundry iron, thus improving the quality of the castings and also as additive in the steel production, which can improve the corrosion resistivity in certain steel products.

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ORFOM F2 Frother

Orfom F2 frother is a proprietary blend of alcohols. It produces a medium depth, fast-breaking froth, where a relatively weak, non-persistent froth is desired. It also produces a stable, non-persistent froth. It contains no polypropylene glycol.

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ORFOM F8 Frother

ORFOM F8 produces a strong, medium depth, fast-breaking froth. This product is typically added to the grinding stage. Dosage is dependent on ore and water characteristics, but typically added between 5 g/ton (0.01 lb/ton) and 100 g/ton (0.2 lb/ton).

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UNIFLOT SP–129 is used as copper sulphide collector exhibiting excellent separation from lead and zinc sulphides.

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