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UNIFLOT SP–129 is used as copper sulphide collector exhibiting excellent separation from lead and zinc sulphides.

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Galactasol 40H4CD

Galactasol 40H4CD is smoothing agent for copper in electroplating, electrorefining and electrowinning.

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PRAESTOL N 3100 L is used mainly in ore mining, in the chemical industry and in paper production. It also used in the production of pigment dyes, in the clarification of lyes and brine, as well as in various hydrometallurgical processes.

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Silicon Manganese

Silicon Manganese is a chemical compound made by mixing natural silicon with manganese, an element found naturally in the earth.Silicon Manganese the natural properties of steel, giving it increased strength and function, as well as improved aesthetic appeal.

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Diethylenetriamine is an analogue of diethylene glycol. It has similar chemical behavior as ethylene diamine and has similar uses. It is a weak base and its aqueous solution is alkaline. It is used in oil industry, as a solvent for sulfur and extraction of acid gas. Mixed with unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine it was used as Hydyne, a propellent for liquid-fuel rockets. It is a polyamine used as a depressant for pyrrhotite and arsenides in copper and nickel mineral flotation.

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SUPERFLOC HX-400 flocculant is an emulsion based product for use in alumina plants to settle red mud slurries. They contain hydroxamate functional groups that provide high settling rates and significantly reduced suspended solids in decanter overflow.

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SUPERFLOC HX-800 processing aid is a hydroxamated polymerthat has a wide range of applications across the Bayer process.

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Hyperfloc NF Series

Hyperfloc NF Series is a nonionic powder polyacyrlamide and its application include clarification of phosphoric acid slimes, hot and cold potash slimes, phosphate tailings thickening etc.

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ORFOM D8 Depressant

ORFOM D8 is a very effective iron, copper and lead sulfide depressant in primary and secondary circuits. It is water soluble. It is effective as a secondary copper depressant. It removes graphite from sulfide ores. It may not depress chalcopyrite. It is pH independent.

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Sodium Hydrosulfide

Sodium hydrosulfide is a useful reagent for the synthesis of organic and inorganic sulfur compounds. It is a colorless solid that typically smells like H2S due to hydrolysis by atmospheric moisture. Its main uses are in paper manufacture as a makeup chemical for sulfur used in the Kraft process, as a flotation agent in copper mining where it is used to activate oxide mineral species, and in the leather industry for the removal of hair from hides.

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