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Aurix 100

Aurix 100 is extractant for gold and silver.


CYFLOC HX family of flocculants is an emulsion based product for use in alumina plants to settle red mud slurries. It contains hydroxamate functional groups that provide high settling rates, significantly reduced suspended solids in decanter and washer overflow to improving liquor filtration operations and allow the economical processing of bauxite that traditional polyacrylate and co-polymers cannot handle.

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LIX 84-IC solvent extraction reagent is water insoluble 2-hydroxy-5-nonylacetophenone oxime in a high flash point hydrocarbon diluents. LIX 84-IC is stable for at least five years from date of manufacture in its unopened, original packaging.

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MAX HT is a family of products that completely inhibits the precipitation of Bayer Sodalite or Desilication Product (DSP) from Bayer liquors and hence prevents the formation of sodalite scale on hot metal surfaces. The series of products are all aqueous solutions requiring dilution to five percent for application

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Orfom MCO is a non-polar,complex hydrocarbon collector that is highly effective for molybdenite.It is used as a primary collector in both primary and by-product molybdenite ores.

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POLYFROTH series is a comprehensive range of specialty frothers offered by Huntsman Performance Products.The POLYFROTH frothers are typically easily dispersible in water and have a low volatility that gives very good froth persistence. When compared to other frothers, they have a low level of toxicity and odor and are mostly non-flammable. The greater froth persistence, together with higher water solubility of selected frothers in the POLYFROTH series, can offer the option of a simpler single point addition although multiple addition points can often be more effective.


Trisol 60 is an anionic wetting agent with outstanding wetting performance and excellent solubilising abilities. It finds widespread application as a filter aid for use in the mining industry. Trisol 60 is also effective as an additive for acid leaching of copper and uranium, and cyanidation of gold and silver ores. Its excellent wetting allows improved penetration of the leaching solution and savings in use of leaching aid.

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Alclar 600

Alclar 600 is a 100 % anionic medium molecular weight flocculant supplied as a free flowing powder. Alclar 600 has been developed as a red mud flocculant suitable for use in the Bayer Process. It is designed to produce fast settling of the mud whilst maintaining or improving liquor clarity. Alclar 600 is primarily for use on the decanters but can be used effectively throughout the wash circuit. The high anionic content of Alclar 600 make it particularly suitable for use in liquors with high total alkalinity.

BorrePAL N

BorrePAL N is lignin-based dispersants which provides good sulphur dispersion and increases metal recovery over a wide range of ore concentrates.

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