Nickel plating chemicals protects against rust, corrosion, deposits nickel other metals


Isethionic Acid Sodium Salt

Isethionic acid sodium salt is an anionic detergent used in detergent bar soaps. It makes a dense lather in addition to the lather made by the soap. It is mild on the skin, and non-drying. It works equally well in soft or hard water. It is also an anti-static agent in shampoos. It is used widely in the field of electroplating.

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Sodium Formaldehyde Bisulfite

Sodium formaldehyde bisulfite is mainly used in photography industry, electroplating intermediates & pharma industry. Sodium Formaldehyde Bisulfite can effectively complex iso-metal ion such as Cu, Zn, Pb, co-deposition with nickel ion.

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Electroless Nickel SLOTONIP 1850

Electroless Nickel SLOTONIP 1850 is a cadmium and lead free, medium phosphorus electroless nickel plating solution, specifically formulated to provide an easy to operate, high-speed electroless nickel plating bath.

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Electroless Nickel SLOTONIP 2010

Electroless Nickel SLOTONIP 2010 is a medium phosphorus electroless nickel plating process specifically formulated to provide an easy to operate, high speed plating bath.

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Electroless Nickel SLOTONIP 2110

Electroless Nickel SLOTONIP 2110 medium phosphorus electroless nickel plating process specifically formulated to provide an easy to operate, high speed plating bath.

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1,4-Bis(2-hydroxyethoxy)-2-butyne is used as brightener and long leveling agent in nickel electroplating baths.

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3-(1-Pyridinio)-1-propanesulfonate is a nondetergent sulfobetaine and is used as an efficient compound to prevent protein aggregation. It is also used as strong leveling agent for nickel plating.

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Carboxyethyl Isothiuronium Betaine

Carboxyethyl Isothiuronium Betaine is used as a class I brightener and nickel plating intermediate.

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Nickel Sulfate Technical 98 % Plus

It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as the manufacturers of Surface Preparation & Surface Preservation Chemicals. M/s Tinchem Enterprises and  M/s Target Enterprises are well established organisations in catering to the need of various Industries.

Our high purity chemicals are produced using virgin Metals only. Recommend for Laboratory use , Electroplating , Electroforming  , Electroless Plating , P.C and Hologram Manufacturing industries. 

We M/s Tinchem Enterprises are involved in Manufacturing Nickel Sulphate since 1980. Our products are approved and accepted inIndia as well Globally. We manufacture Nickel Sulphate from Virgin Tin Metal only to provide best product with no impurities except impurities present in Basic Tin Metal Only. 

Our company is ISO  9001:2008 and ISO  14001:2004  Certified.

We would like to introduce overselves as one of the Best Manufactures  of Nickel Sulphate in India & Overseas. We use only on Virgin Raw Materials. We have list of Satisfied Customers of our Chemicals in whole of the India, USA , South Korea, Australia , Japan , Iran , Sri Lanka& many  more.

Specification for Nickel Sulphate


Free Flowing Green Crystal

Nickel %

20.5  to 21.5


3.5 to 6.5

Insoluble in water



99 %








Electropure Nickel Sulfamate 24 oz.

Electropure Nickel Sulfamate 24 oz is designed for electronic, electroforming and engineering applications where deposits with low internal stress and high purity are essential. It is supplied in a concentrated form that can either be added directly to an existing plating solution to replenish the nickel metal content or diluted with deionized water to make up a new plating bath.

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