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chondroitin sulfate USP 90%

1.Bovine chondroitin sulfate

Sourced from bovine cartilages( shark cartilages chondroitin available). One of popular food additives used in healthcare industry together with Glucosamine. mainly used in health care products and cosmetics. In addition, it can be used for the treatment of coronary disease, stenocardia, neuralgia, arthralgia and etc. 

2. 3500 kg in stock

3. 10 days needed as delivery time

4. USP grade  

5. Packing: G.W 27.5kg/drum. N.W.25KG/drum

6. 50 g samples for free


Product list

glucosamine hcl/sulfate

shark chondroitin sulfate

MSM Methyl sulfonyl methane 

fish/bovine collagen



mebhydroline napadisylate

sucralose FOOD GRADE 99.99%

We are leading suppliers of sucralose. 

zeaxanthin FOOD GRADE 5~60%

1. It is extracted from our own Large-scale plant farms both in China and India.
2. Modem growing methods leading our plants with pesticide residue and heavy metal rates well controlled.
3. Self-own farms keep our quality and supply very stable.
4. We do not add any Antioxidant during the extract process.
6. Advanced Three-in-One Automotive production line leading us High efficiency but Lower cost.
7. We keep delivering the better quality to customers hands worldwide due to:
       -  Whole Cold-chain transportation from the farm to our factory.
       -  Below -80 ℃ lucifuge stock conditions  
       -  Packed with Two layer Vacuum Alu bags in Drums.
We serve many customers worldwide and even some of our counterparts always buy it from us for better quality and lower price... Welcome to contact for  competitive price and COA or SPEC. Thank you
We are the World leading and Chinese largest manufacturer of Plant extracts and has 13 subsidiaries including India.
Our laboratory is equipped with the high-grade, precision and advanced testing apparatuses such as LC-MS, GC-MS, HPLC,GC INFRARED SPECTROMETER, ICP-MS, etc. 
We are certified by CNAS, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001,OHSAS18001, KOSHER, HALAL,FAMI-QS,CMS SEDEX and FDA registered.


l-carnosine FOOD GRADE 99.0%

Carnosine Powder CAS No 305-84-0   Health care  L-Carnosine powder 

Name: Carnosine

CAS No:  305-84-0

Alisa: Dragosine; N-beta-Alanyl-L-histidine ; Carnosine 

Molecular formula: C9H14N4O3

Molecular weight :  226.23

Assay:  99.0%

Grade: cosmetic, pharma

Melting point: 215-216°C

Appearance: White crystalline powder


Product description of  L-Carnitine:

 L-carnitine is a nutrient widely available in supplement form and often marketed as a weight loss aid. Made naturally in the body, L-carnitine is essential for transporting fat into cells to produce energy.While many supplement manufacturers claim that L-carnitine can speed up metabolism, there is little scientific support for L-carnitine's ability to promote weight loss.


Carnosine Functions: 

1) L-Carnosine is the most effective anti-carbonylation agent yet discovered. (Carbonylation is a pathological step in the age- related degradation of the body proteins. )Carnosine helps to prevent skin collagen cross-linking which leads to loss of elasticity and wrinkles

2) Lcarnosine powder also acts as a regulator of zinc and copper concentrations in nerve cells, helping to prevent overstimulation by these neuroactive in the body substantiates all of the above and other studies have indicated further benefits.

3) LCarnosine is a SuperAntiOxidant that quenches even the most destructive free radicals: The hydroxyl and the peroxyl radicals, superoxide, and singlet oxygen. Carnosine helps to chelate ionic metals(flush toxins from the body). adding volume to the skin.



We also supply products as below:


Products CAS NO.
L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine 39537-23-0
 L-Carnosine 305-84-0
Glutathione 70-18-8
 Zinc Carnosine 107667-60-7
 N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine 56353-15-2
 Glycyl-L-Glutamine 13115-71-4
 Glycyl-L-Tyrosine 658-79-7


pea protein FOOD GRADE 80/85

Pea Protein is essential for a healthy body. Pea Protein is a delicious vegan protein source. It is perfect for smoothies & shakes. Besides it is Certified organic and non-GMO and an easy-to-digest dairy alternative.

Protein is needed to build muscle and repair cells, boosts immunity and also helps balance blood sugar levels. Organic pea protein powder is made from yellow split peas. It's low in carbs and fat as well as being a great source of essential amino acids and vitamins A, B6 and C. Often recommended by nutritionists, Pea Protein powder is the ideal supplement for vegetarians, vegans, athletes or those on a weight-loss diet.

Pea protein helps provide both a pre-workout energy boost and improved post-workout muscle recovery. It has a complete array of amino acids, including high levels of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).


1.It is designed commonly for a wide variety of food applications, which is a standard combination of nutrition, safety and health.
2.It is designed especially for baby and the aged, which is the ideal combination of nutrition, safety and health.
3.It owns best functions in health foods and nutraceuticals, with unrivaled high level of nutrition, while is also workable in a wide variety of food applications
4.It is designed specifically for a wide range of food applications with economical concerns, which is a standard combination of nutrition, safety and cost savings.
It can be used in vegetable protein beverages (peanut milk, wheat milk and walnut milk, etc.), health food & beverages and sausages based on its good water-solubility. It can also be used to increase protein content and stabilize quality in the milk powder processing (infant & student formula milk powder and milk powder for the middle-aged and senior) field.


-          Chemical name: Magnesium lactate

-          Standard: Food grade FCC

-          Appearance: Powder

-          Color: White

-          Odor: odorless

-          Solubility: easily soluble in hot water

-          Molecular formula: Mg[CH3CH(OH)COO]2·2H2O

-          Molecular weight: 238.44 g/mol

                   CAS No.: 18917-93-6

resveratrol FOOD GRADE 8%-98%

Resveratrol (3,5,4-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene) is a stilbenoid, a type of natural phenol, and a phytoalexin produced by several plants in response to injury or when the plant is under attack by pathogens such as bacteria or fungi. Sources of resveratrol in food include the skin of grapes, blueberries, raspberries, mulberries, lingonberry and senna.

Resveratrol is part of a group of compounds called polyphenols. They act as antioxidants, protecting the body against damage that can put you at higher risk for things like cancer and heart disease. It has gained a lot of attention for its anti-aging and cardioprotective powers. Resveratrol could help reduce inflammation, limit the spread of cancer cells and prevent diabetes.

Product Name


Latin Name

Polygonum cuspidatum

Sieb. et Zucc

Active Ingredient



50%, 98%

Test Method




Part Used



Brown powder, White fine powder


Resveratrol is part of a group of compounds called polyphenols. They act as antioxidants, protecting the body against damage that can put you at higher risk for things like cancer and heart disease.


It could limit the spread of cancer cells and start killing them. Resveratrol has multiple anti-cancer effects, protecting against both tumor initiation and cancer progression pathways.

Improve Diabetes

Resveratrol helps prevent insulin resistance, a condition in which the body becomes less sensitive to the blood sugar-lowering hormone insulin. The condition can lead to diabetes.

Heart Disease

It is thought to help reduce inflammation, lower LDL or bad cholesterol, and make it more difficult for clots to form that can lead to a heart attack.


Contact:  fiona[a]

Camellia seed oil FOOD GRADE

Camellia seed  oil, also known as Tea Oil, is  cold pressed from  the  seeds of  Camellia(Camellia  oleife ra),  The  seed  oil  is  said  to be rich  in  anti-oxidants including Vitamin E, fatty acids including linoleic acid 7.0-14.0%, oleic acid 74.0-86.0%.

Camellia  seed oil  is  heart healthy,  it is  cholesterol  free and has  high levels  of mono-unsaturated  fatty  acids.  It is also an  excellent  source of  A and  B  vitamins. Mono-unsaturated fatty  acids  can help  reduce blood pressure and  improve heart function. Camellia seed oil may  haveantioxidant properties that fight disease and signs of aging. 

Ethyl linolenate FOOD GRADE 85%

α-Linolenic acid (ALA) is an n−3 fatty acid, it is one of two essential fatty acids (the other being linoleic acid), so called because they are necessary for health, and they cannot be produced within the human body.Ethyl linolenate is the ester type of ALA.  It is a little more stable than ALA free acid.  We can produce many specification, from 70%-98%. Our main specification is 75%, 80%, and 85%.

Ethyl oleate FOOD GRADE 85%,90%

Oleic Acid (OA) is classified as an omega-9 fatty acid found primarily in various animal and vegetable fats and oils. Oleic Acid has various uses: it as its sodium salt is a major component of soap as an emulsifying agent; it can be used as an emollient; it plays a role as emulsifying or solubilizing agent in aerosol products and excipient in pharmaceuticals.; and it is an important ingredient of Tween 80, which can be used as emulgator in food industry and as excipient in pharmaceutical industry. Our OAs are manufactured from 100% tea oil with highest quality.


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