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UNIDYME 60 is a trimer fatty acids product with typical trimer content of approximately 55% by gas chromatography. It is product is suitable for use as a corrosion inhibitor for oilfield applications, flexibilizer in epoxy compounds and polyamides.

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VANLUBE EZ is a concentrated version of VANLUBE AZ that contains no diluent oil. It is a clear, light-colored, and free-flowing liquid. VANLUBE EZ is recommended for use in greases and industrial lubricants. Recommended treatment levels are 0.1 to 2.0 mass percent.

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AMTECH 1100 Scale inhibitors are surface-active negatively charged polymers. As minerals exceed their solubility’s and begin to merge, the polymers become attached. The structure for crystallisation is disrupted and the formation of scale is prevented. The particles of scale combined with the inhibitor will than be dispersed and remain in suspension.

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AMTECH 4000 Separate hydrocarbon sludge to recover oil, discharge water to DOE standards and debris as a conservation and value adding initiative. Sludge is produced from the treatment of wastewater in on-site (e.g. septic tank) and off-site (e.g. activated sludge) systems.This is inherently so because a primary aim of wastewater treatment is removing solids from the wastewater.In addition, soluble organic substances are converted to bacterial cells, and the latter is removed from the wastewater.

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AMTECH 5000 Biocides are used to kill bacteria in fluids that come into contact with hydrocarbon reservoirs and thus prevent their biological contamination.

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AMTECH 7500 Decontamination is the process of cleansing an object or substance to remove contaminants such as micro-organisms or hazardous materials, including chemicals, radioactive substances, and infectious diseases such as toxic gases and flammable items from pipelines, tanks and vessels.

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BRICORR 50A products provide enhanced corrosion and souring control along with biocidal performance.

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CHEMSOL CMC is a water soluble polymer made from cellulose through chemical modification. It used in conjunction with Bentonite where low-solids muds are desired.

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Calight RPO

Calight RPO is refined from a select blend of crudes using a multistage hydrogenation process. This severe hydro treating process offers the unique ability to produce naphthenic process oils that meet currently established performance standards as well as those to be developed in the future.

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Calpar 2500

Calpar 2500 is manufactured from select paraffinic crude streams and is offered in viscosity ranges all the way to bright stock.

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