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NAPZAN TECH is a non dispersible technical grade Xanthan gum. It is used as a cost effective viscosifier in water based drilling fluids.


o-Xylene is largely used in the production of phthalic anhydride, and is generally extracted by distillation from a mixed xylene stream in a plant primarily designed for p-xylene production.Xylene is often used as a solvent and in the printing, rubber, and leather industries.It is used as a cleaning agent for steel and for silicon wafers and chips It is found in small amounts in gasoline and airplane fuel.

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Polyolefins is any of a class of polymers produced from a simple olefin as a monomer.Most polyolefin produced in the industrial scale are made via polymerization through the use of catalysts.Polyolefin properties range from liquidlike to rigid solids, and are primarily determined by their molecular weight and degree of crystallinity. Polyolefin degrees of crystallinity range from 0% (liquidlike) to 60% or higher (rigid plastics).Polyolefin surfaces are not effectively joined together by solvent welding because they have excellent chemical resistance and are unaffected by common solvents. They can be adhesively bonded after surface treatment.Practically all polyolefins that are of any practical or commercial importance are poly-alpha-olefin (or poly-α-olefin or polyalphaolefin, sometimes abbreviated as PAO), a polymer made by polymerizing an alpha-olefin.Polyolefins are used for blow moulded or rotationally moulded components, e.g. toys,for heat-shrink tubing used to mechanically and electrically protect connections in electronics,and for rash guards or undergarments for wetsuits.Polyolefin sheets or foams are used in a wide variety of packaging applications, sometimes in direct contact with food.

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Raffinate 1

Raffinate 1 is produced as a by-product by extracting Butadiene from Crude C4. Raffinate 1 is an unsaturated hydrocarbon and it is used for gasoline pool or -after processing to Isobutene.

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Raffinate 2

Raffinate 2 is an unsaturated hydrocarbon and it is used in various application areas of the chemical industry (for example plasticizers, MEK). It is easily volatile, clear liquid of a distinct odor. Raffinate 2 is used as heating gas in industrial facilities and for special purposes.It is used as the fuel.

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SOL AT Clay also known as salt water clay. It is used to obtain viscosity in salt saturated brine systems. It is also used for controlling loss of circulation.

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SOL NTB Gel is a formulated compound of bentonite and sodium montmorillonite as per API 13A Clause 10 for non-treated bentonite.

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SOL Xanthum

SOL Xanthum is also known as Xanthum Gum . It is a highly effective viscosifier which is stable over a wide range of PH values and provides viscosity to water based drilling and completion fluids.

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The TransPlussm (heavy aromatics transalkylation) process is a low-cost, high-conversion solution to effectively transalkylate C9+ heavy aromatics and toluene/benzene into higher-value mixed xylenes and high-purity benzene

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