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SPEC HIB 900 is a one-part universal add pak that incorporates cutting-edge inhibitor technology to provide a reasonably priced antifreeze additive package. SPEC HIB 900 possesses several advantages associated with organic long life add paks, including lower dissolved solids levels and the absence of sometimes objectionable add pak components. SPEC HIB 900 is a non-silicate, non-phosphate, non-nitrate, non-nitrite one-part inhibitor package. It contains additives to minimize hot surface scaling while also preventing heat transfer surface fouling due to minor oil leakage.

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Triflic Acid

Triflic acid is a sulfonic acid. It is one of the strongest acids. It is mainly used in research as a catalyst for esterification. In the laboratory, triflic acid is useful in protonations because the conjugate base of triflic acid is non-nucleophilic. Triflic acid catalyzes the reaction of aromatic compounds with sulfonyl chlorides, probably also via the intermediacy of a mixed anhydride of the sulfonic acid. It promotes other Friedel-Crafts-like reactions including the cracking of alkanes and alkylation of alkenes, which are very important to the petroleum industry. Triflic acid reacts exothermically with alcohols to produce ethers and olefins.

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VANLUBE 0401 is a phosphorus-free synergistic blend of additives recommended for engine oils in order to control high temperature deposits, reduce friction and provide excellent wear and oxidation protection. It is an ideal lubricant additive for the formulation of energy-conserving low phosphorus engine oils.

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VANLUBE 0902 additive is a metal-free multifunctional additive package with global product registration. It is recommended for use at 3 to 4% weight in Li 12-OH stearate and Li Complex greases. Grease formulated with VANLUBE 0902 additive should provide excellent corrosion protection, reduce oxidation, minimize wear and carry a high load at extreme pressure conditions.

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VerXan D gum

VerXan D gum is a high-molecular weight biopolymer, provides versatile rheology control in a wide range of brines, drilling and fracturing fluids.

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Zinc Bromide

Zinc Bromide is a inorganic compound. It is used in organic chemistry as a Lewis acid. It is the electrolyte in the zinc bromide battery. In oil and natural gas wells, solutions containing zinc bromide are used to displacing drilling mud when transistioning from the drilling phase to the completion phase or in well workover operations. Zinc bromide solutions can be used as a transparent shield against radiation. Two glass panes filled with a strong aqueous solution of zinc bromide has a very high density, which can then be used as a window on a hot cell. This type of window has the advantage over lead glass in that it will not darken as a result of exposure to radiation. All glass will darken slowly over time due to radiation, however this is especially true in a hot cell, where exceptional levels of radiation are present. The advantage of an aqueous salt solution is that any radiation damage will last less than a millisecond, so the shield will undergo self-repair.

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AGMAKLENZ 42W is a soak tank additive that has been used for the refurbishment of oil drilling tools. It is a highly alkaline powder concentrate formulated for the dispersion of oils, greases, carbon, rust, scale and paint. It is effective against a variety of soils this powerful and reliable product is in constant daily use by multinational companies serving the world's oilfields.

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Blown asphalt is vast of elasticity, strong of resistance at time being shocked,low temperature, Susceptibility.

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BRINE-VIS-XHT is a unique concentrated liquid brine viscosifier for high temperatures up to 320°F/160°C.

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CHEMSOL HEC L polymer is a non-ionic high molecular weight hydroxyl ethyl cellulose (HEC) designed specifically to enhance the rheological properties of water-based and polyvalent brine fluids. It is used in the work-over fluids, special applications in fracturing fluids.

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