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Dibenzylamine find applications predominately in the rubber processing industry. It is used to prepare rubber accelerator for the vulcanization process and reaction-stoppers. Dibenzylamine type accelerators reduce nitrosamine production in the compounding process. It is used in other industries also.

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Drilling Salt

Drilling Salt is used as an inhibitor to control active shale and clay dispersion.Drilling Salt is used as a bridging agent for lost circulation in saturated salt systems.


ENVIROTEK 550 is a high solids, surfactant based, oil soluble additive for spotting fluids. It effectively increases the soaking rate of spotting oil and at the same time causes dehydration of the wall cake.

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Encotech FR G

Encotech FR G widely used in petroleum industry as additives for aqueous and water/methanol based fracturing fluids. It is a Guar gum based product in aqueous fluids is used in drilling shallow wells. These applications utilize the gum’s properties to increase viscosity, reduce fluid loss and decrease fluid friction.

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KEMOL 100/180

KEMOL 100/180 is having good drying-setting,solvency-dissolving power. It is recommended for specialty oil industries.

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NyeBar Type L

NyeBar Type L is a Fluorocarbon Barrier Film to retard oil migration in mechanical devices and prevent environmental fouling of electric contacts and printed circuitry.

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PCHEM AC 8020 is a liquid concentrated atmospheric corrosion inhibitor used to prevent the formation of iron oxide on metal surfaces. It should be diluted in diesel fuel, kerosene or heavy aromatic naphtha.

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PCHEM IC - 21 is a high molecular weight filming amine type inhibitor used to control corrosion in refinery process equipment. It is especially formulated to provide corrosion protection at low pH and remain chemically stable at high temperatures. It is recommended for use in controlling corrosion in refinery overhead systems that are predominantly hydrocarbon.

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SE Liqui-Thin

SE Liqui-Thin is a water based dispersant and thinner with temperature tolerance to over 430°F. It is non-hazardous, non-foaming, contains no heavy metals and is non-fluorescing.

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SOL Bentonite

SOL Bentonite is used as a weighting agent. It can also be used as a viscosifier and filtration control agent in all water based muds in oil drilling.

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