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Zinc Bromide

Zinc Bromide is a inorganic compound. It is used in organic chemistry as a Lewis acid. It is the electrolyte in the zinc bromide battery. In oil and natural gas wells, solutions containing zinc bromide are used to displacing drilling mud when transistioning from the drilling phase to the completion phase or in well workover operations. Zinc bromide solutions can be used as a transparent shield against radiation. Two glass panes filled with a strong aqueous solution of zinc bromide has a very high density, which can then be used as a window on a hot cell. This type of window has the advantage over lead glass in that it will not darken as a result of exposure to radiation. All glass will darken slowly over time due to radiation, however this is especially true in a hot cell, where exceptional levels of radiation are present. The advantage of an aqueous salt solution is that any radiation damage will last less than a millisecond, so the shield will undergo self-repair.

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AGMAKLENZ 42W is a soak tank additive that has been used for the refurbishment of oil drilling tools. It is a highly alkaline powder concentrate formulated for the dispersion of oils, greases, carbon, rust, scale and paint. It is effective against a variety of soils this powerful and reliable product is in constant daily use by multinational companies serving the world's oilfields.

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Blown asphalt is vast of elasticity, strong of resistance at time being shocked,low temperature, Susceptibility.

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BRINE-VIS-XHT is a unique concentrated liquid brine viscosifier for high temperatures up to 320°F/160°C.

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CHEMSOL HEC L polymer is a non-ionic high molecular weight hydroxyl ethyl cellulose (HEC) designed specifically to enhance the rheological properties of water-based and polyvalent brine fluids. It is used in the work-over fluids, special applications in fracturing fluids.

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Dibenzylamine find applications predominately in the rubber processing industry. It is used to prepare rubber accelerator for the vulcanization process and reaction-stoppers. Dibenzylamine type accelerators reduce nitrosamine production in the compounding process. It is used in other industries also.

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Drilling Salt

Drilling Salt is used as an inhibitor to control active shale and clay dispersion.Drilling Salt is used as a bridging agent for lost circulation in saturated salt systems.


ENVIROTEK 550 is a high solids, surfactant based, oil soluble additive for spotting fluids. It effectively increases the soaking rate of spotting oil and at the same time causes dehydration of the wall cake.

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Encotech FR G

Encotech FR G widely used in petroleum industry as additives for aqueous and water/methanol based fracturing fluids. It is a Guar gum based product in aqueous fluids is used in drilling shallow wells. These applications utilize the gum’s properties to increase viscosity, reduce fluid loss and decrease fluid friction.

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KEMOL 100/180

KEMOL 100/180 is having good drying-setting,solvency-dissolving power. It is recommended for specialty oil industries.

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