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NyeBar Type L

NyeBar Type L is a Fluorocarbon Barrier Film to retard oil migration in mechanical devices and prevent environmental fouling of electric contacts and printed circuitry.

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PCHEM AC 8020 is a liquid concentrated atmospheric corrosion inhibitor used to prevent the formation of iron oxide on metal surfaces. It should be diluted in diesel fuel, kerosene or heavy aromatic naphtha.

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PCHEM IC - 21 is a high molecular weight filming amine type inhibitor used to control corrosion in refinery process equipment. It is especially formulated to provide corrosion protection at low pH and remain chemically stable at high temperatures. It is recommended for use in controlling corrosion in refinery overhead systems that are predominantly hydrocarbon.

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SE Liqui-Thin

SE Liqui-Thin is a water based dispersant and thinner with temperature tolerance to over 430°F. It is non-hazardous, non-foaming, contains no heavy metals and is non-fluorescing.

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SOL Bentonite

SOL Bentonite is used as a weighting agent. It can also be used as a viscosifier and filtration control agent in all water based muds in oil drilling.

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SOL PAC PG-LV is an poly anionic cellulose pure grade with low viscosity, cream colored free flowing powder free from extraneous impurities. It is used as filtration controller for water based drilling fluids to the extent that an even small quantity of the same maintains excellent fluid loss control.


SOL PAC TG-LV poly anionic Cellulose technical grade with Low viscosity and it is free from extraneous impurities. It is a high quality polymer used to provide viscosity and filtration control for water based drilling fluids to the extent that an even small quantity of the same maintains excellent fluid loss control.

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StimOil FBA M

StimOil FBA M is biodegradable, non-emulsifying blend used in oil well remediation in limestone or sandstone formations. It is broad-spectrum demulsifier for acidizing and fracturing fluid systems in a wide range of crude oils.

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Sulfuric Acid

Daishin Corporation is the leading company known for supplying Sulfuric Acid to the clients. Sulfuric acid is commonly used in textile, paper, fertilizers, and metallurgy. This product has the chemical formula H2SO4 and it is formulated using optimum quality chemical compounds and pioneering techniques. Buy Sulfuric Acid online from Daishin Corporation to get the chemical at the best quality and reasonable price.

Sulfuric acid

Sulfuric acid is a strong mineral acid. It has many applications, and is one of the top products of the chemical industry. Principal uses include lead-acid batteries for cars and other vehicles, ore processing, fertilizer manufacturing, oil refining, wastewater processing, and chemical synthesis.

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