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Calfoam EA-603

Calfoam EA-603 is a foaming and wetting agent used in various hard/soft water environments and contains an ethanol solvent.

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Calfoam EA-682

Calfoam EA-682 is an excellent foaming and wetting agent in highly electrolytic solutions, and hard/soft water environments.

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Calsoft AOS-40

Calsoft AOS-40 is a foamer used in high temperature applications. It has extended stability and good flash-foaming characteristics within a wide pH range.

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Ethane, chloro

A colorless gas with a sweet odor. Easily ignited. Shipped as a liquefied gas under own vapor pressure. Contact with the unconfined liquid may cause frostbite by evaporative cooling. Leaks may be liquid or vapor. Vapors are heavier than air. May asphyxiate by the displacement of air. Under prolonged exposure to fire or intense heat the containers may rupture violently and rocket. Suspected carcinogen. Used to make plastics, adhesives, and other chemicals.


M-Bromoaniline is used in medicine, pesticide, dye. It is also used as intermediate in preparation of other organic compound.

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NORVIC® P55LM is used as adhesives and vinyl lacquers, Calendaring and rigid film (blister) packaging and credit cards (in mixtures with suspension homopolymers).

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Naphthenic oil

Naphthenic oil is a type of mineral oil.It contains low to no proportion of n-alkanes,being based on cycloalkanes instead.

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NyeBar Type LV

NyeBar Type LV is a Fluorocarbon Barrier Film to retard oil migration in mechanical devices and prevent environmental fouling of electric contacts and printed circuitry.

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PCHEM QI - 80P is water soluble corrosion inhibitor with exceptional performance in both very sour and sweet conditions. It is specifically designed to prevent pitting corrosion. It can be blended with other bases, diluted in water or alcohols or used at drum strength if required. It can also be blended with phosphonates to produce combination scale/corrosion inhibitors. It is an excellent corrosion inhibitor for water floods, salt water disposal systems, packer fluids, pipelines or producing oil wells. It is a non-flammable product.

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