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Sodium Sulfide

Sodium sulfide is primarily used in pulp and paper industry. It is used in water treatment as an oxygen scavenger agent, in the photographic industry to protect developer solutions from oxidation, in textile industry as a bleaching, as a desulfurising and as a dechlorinating agent and in leather trade for the sulfitisation of tanning extracts. It is used in chemical manufacturing as a sulfonation and sulfomethylation agent. It is used in the production of rubber chemicals, sulfur dyes and other chemical compounds. It is used in other applications including ore flotation, oil recovery, food preservative, making dyes, and detergent.

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Sulphuric Acid

Sulfuric acid is a strong mineral acid.It's uses include lead-acid batteries for cars and other vehicles, ore processing, fertilizer manufacturing, oil refining, wastewater processing, and chemical synthesis.

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Trans-2-Butene is an acyclic alkene with four carbon atoms.It is a petrochemical, produced by the catalytic cracking of crude oil. Trans-2-Butene's main uses are in the production of gasoline.

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VANLUBE RI-BSN lubricant additive is a neutral barium salt of high purity synthetic dinonylnaphthalene sulfonic acid. It is a classic amphiphilic molecule with a strong polar group for metal surface affinity at one end, and an oleophilic portion of dinonylnaphthalene at the other end to form a surface protective monolayer. It is oil- and solvent-soluble. It can be used in most petroleum-based products and many synthetic oil-based products, including those using PAO and synthetic esters as base stocks. It is also compatible with additives such as antioxidants, antiwear and extreme pressure agents, and other corrosion inhibitors used in industrial oils and greases. It can be used in a wide variety of lubricant applications where excellent rust inhibition and water resistance are needed. It can be used in industrial oils, greases and rust preventives for metal parts from metalworking processes, either oil- or solvent-based.

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VANLUBE TK-132 lubricant additive, a solution of polyisobutylene diluted in light colored naphthenic oil, provides lubricants and greases with the property of tackiness or stringiness.

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2-Ethyl Hexanol

2-Ethyl Hexanol is a branched,eight-carbon, fatty alcohol. It is a colorless liquid that is poorly soluble in water but soluble in most organic solvents. It is produced on a massive scale for use in numerous applications such as solvents, flavors, and fragrances and especially as a precursor for production of other chemicals such as emollients and plasticizers. 2-Ethyl Hexanol can also be used as an octane booster when reacted with nitric acid. 2-Ethyl Hexanol is produced industrially by the aldol condensation of n-butyraldehyde, followed by hydrogenation of the resulting hydroxyaldehyde. It is also used as dispersing agent for pigment pastes. It is used in the production of plasticisers, acrylates, as a solvent in the paint and varnishes industries, as a wetting agent in textile industry, as a agent which improve cetane number in refining industry, it is also used in production of coat forming agents and antifoam agents.

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AlphaPlus® NAO

Normal alpha olefins and their derivatives are used extensively as polyethylene comonomers, plasticizers, synthetic motor oils, lubricants, automotive additives, surfactants, paper sizing, and in a wide range of specialty applications.

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Barium Fluoride

Barium Fluoride is a chemical compound of barium and fluorine.It is also used as a material to make optical components such as lenses. Barium Fluoride is used in windows for infrared spectroscopy, in particular in the field of fuel oil analysis.Barium Fluoride is used as a preopacifying agent and in enamel and glazing frits production. Its other use is in the production of welding agents.Barium Fluoride is also used in metallurgy, as a molten bath for refining aluminium.

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Blended Asphalt

Blended Asphalt product which can effectively control and reduce mud filtrate in both water-based and oil-based fluids systems. Blended Asphalt filtration control agent disperses without the aid of wetting agents. It does not change formation wettability and so has particular application in reservoir fluids systems designed. It is the principal filtration control additive in the all-oil coring fluid and can be used in temperatures approaching 400°F (204°C). It can promote borehole stability, compatible with oil-based and water-based fluids, and can minimize differential sticking.

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