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4-Methyl-1-pentene is used as a monomer for olefin polymerisation.

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Cracked Distillate

Cracked Distillate is a clear and yellow liquid, with a pungent aromatic odor. It is a co-product by steam cracking hydrocarbons (naphtha, gas oil, gas condensate) under high temperature in the presence of steam to produce the olefins ethylene and propylene.

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Diethylenetriamine is an analogue of diethylene glycol. It has similar chemical behavior as ethylene diamine and has similar uses. It is a weak base and its aqueous solution is alkaline. It is used in oil industry, as a solvent for sulfur and extraction of acid gas. Mixed with unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine it was used as Hydyne, a propellent for liquid-fuel rockets. It is a polyamine used as a depressant for pyrrhotite and arsenides in copper and nickel mineral flotation.

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Dimethyl Disulfide

Dimethyl Disulfide is an organic chemical compound. Dimethyl Disulfides along with dimethyl sulfide and dimethyl trisulfide have been confirmed as volatile compounds given off by the fly-attracting plant known as dead-horse arum. It is produced from a chemical reaction between propylene oxide and methanol. It used widely in medical applications, agricultural pesticides and the manufacture of synthetic materials. It is an important additive to lubricating oil, solvents and gasoline as well. It is also used in the electronics chemistry, oil refineries as a sulfiding agent.

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GLO POLYACRLY 1000 is an sodium polyacrylate based thinner for oilfield applications.

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Microcheck MZ MS11

Microcheck MZ MS11 is used as microbiocides for Formulated oils, metal working fluids.

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Oil Spill Eater II

Oil Spill Eater II is a biocatalytic system of preformed multi-enzyme liquid concentrate. Oil Spill Eater II when combined with fresh or salt water and oxygen, it will cause crude oil and other organic substances to rapidly decompose, eventually biodegrading them to carbon dioxide and water. Oil Spill Eater II is a bioremediation process for the mitigation of hazardous waste, spills and contamination. It uses bioremediation processes that eliminate hazardous materials. It is a biological enzyme that converts the oil spills into a natural food source for the enhanced native bacteria found in the environment. Oil spill eater II contains the biosurfactants, nutrients and other constituents for complete life cycles and biodegradation. Oil Spill Eater II is an environmentally safe cleanup method because it uses natures own bioremediation processes to effectively eliminate hazardous materials.

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Phosphoman-124(S5) is an organophosphonate offering multiple properties like sequestration, deflocculation, threshold inhibition and hydrolytic stability as a single active ingredient leading to a multiple of applications.


Trimethylolpropane is an organic compound. This colorless solid is a triol containing three hydroxy functional groups. Trimethylolpropane is widely used building block in the polymer industry. It is mainly consumed as a precursor to alkyd resins. Otherwise, acrylated and alkoxylated TMP's are used as multifunctional monomers to produce various coatings, Ethoxylated and propoxylated TMP, derived condensation of from TMP and the epoxides, are used for production of flexible polyurethanes.

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3-Bromonitrobenzene is used as a mild oxidizing agent in the synthesis of quinoline and fuchsin. It is used to produce lubricating oils such as those used in motors and machinery. Bromonitrobenzene and its derivatives are used in the manufacture of dyes, drugs, pesticides, polisher, paint, and synthetic rubber.

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