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Poly Alkylene Glycol

Poly Alkylene Glycols are are homopolymers of ethylene oxide or propylene oxide, or co-polymers of ethylene oxide or propylene oxide. Poly Alkylene Glycols are used as antifoam agents, lubricants.

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Dilute naphthalene oil is a dark brown hydrocarbon liquid with a distinctive moth ball Odor. Naphthalene exposure can adversely affect the blood in certain susceptible individuals.

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Dimethyl Sulfide >99%

Dimethyl sulfide is an organosulfur compound.

High boiling Tar Acid

High boiling Tar Acid is used as wood preservative;insecticides for cattle and sheep dipping, (dip oils or sheep dip) and manufacture of disinfectants.

Jopetrol Flushing Oil

Flushing Oil is a light mineral oil, with special additives for crank case flushing.

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Nevamine 6120 HPM (2)

Nevamine 6120 HPM (2) is an acid corrosion Inhibitor for oilwell stimulation.

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Selvol Premiol MRC-33

Selvol Premiol MRC-33 is a proven technology for fluid loss control in mid-range temperature oilfield cement applications-offering ease of use, predictable performance and cost-effectiveness in temperatures of 75ºC to 120ºC. Selvol Premiol MRC-33 has a benefits of Cost savings versus other high temperature FLC additives, Non-retarding, Environmentally friendly and Minimal fisheyes.

Troysan Polyphase Af1

Troysan Polyphase Af1 is used as an fungicide in cutting oils, textiles, paper cutting, adhesives.

VANLUBE 73 Super Plus

VANLUBE 73 Super Plus is a proprietary mixture of dialkyldithiocarbamates.VANLUBE 73 Super Plus is superior to that of antimony dialkyldithiocarbamate (SDDC), and comparable to that of combinations of SDDC and sulfurized olefin.VANLUBE 73 Super Plus does not have the pungent odor of sulfurized olefin.

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Acetylene Carbon Black

Acetylene carbon black has the characteristic of chain configuration, high iodine absorption, effective conductivity and steady chemical performance. It is not easy to react with acid, alkali and water. Carbon black is an excellent raw material for battery, conductive rubber, plastic, cable, etc.

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