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2,6-Di-tert-butyl p-cresol

Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), is a lipophilic (fat-soluble) organic compound that is primarily used as an antioxidant food additive as well as an antioxidant additive in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, jet fuels, rubber, petroleum products, electrical transformer oil, and embalming fluid.

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Distearyl Thiodipropionate

Distearyl thiodipropionate is used as a secondary stabilizer and antioxidant in combination with phenolic antioxidant for polymers (ABS, polypropylene, polyethylene and polyesters). It is approved to use in food packaging. It is also used stabilizer in oils, lubricants, sealants, and adhesives.

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Ethyl Tertiary Butyl Ether

Ethyl tert-butyl ether (ETBE) is commonly used as an oxygenate gasoline additive in the production of gasoline from crude oil. ETBE offers equal or greater air quality benefits as ethanol, while being technically and logistically less challenging. Unlike ethanol, ETBE does not induce evaporation of gasoline, which is one of the causes of smog, and does not absorb moisture from the atmosphere.

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Methylene Bis(Thiocyanate)

Methylene bis(thiocyanate) is used in formulating biocides. It is used as a antifouling agent,preservatives for coatings, slurries and to control microbial fouling in paper mills,oil field and leather process.It is also used in water treatment process.

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SCALE INHIBITOR (SI - 172) is a synergistic mixture of chelating agents used to effectively control the CaSO4 / SrSO4 scale formation in an oil field. It gives protection from mineral scale deposition even under elevated temperatures and pressure. It can be stored in closed containers away from direct sunlight at ambient temperature.

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Tertiary Butylhydroquinone

tert-Butylhydroquinone is an aromatic organic compound which is a type of phenol. It is a derivative of hydroquinone, substituted with tert-butyl group. It is a highly effective antioxidant. In foods, it is used as a preservative for unsaturated vegetable oils and many edible animal fats. It does not cause discoloration even in the presence of iron, and does not change flavor or odor of the material to which it is added. It can be combined with other preservatives such as butylated hydroxyanisole. It is used industrially as a stabilizer to inhibit autopolymerization of organic peroxides. In perfumery, it is used as a fixative to lower the evaporation rate and improve stability. It is also added to varnishes, lacquers, resins, and oil field additives.

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Tertiary-Amyl Methyl Ether

Tertiary-Amyl Methyl Ether is an ether used as a fuel oxygenate. It has an ethereous odor.Tertiary-Amyl Methyl Ether is mostly used as an oxygenate to gasoline.It is added to gasoline, to increase octane enhancement, to replace banned tetraethyl lead, and to raise the oxygen content in gasoline.Tertiary-Amyl Methyl Ether is known that TAME in fuel reduces exhaust emissions of some volatile organic compounds.

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N,N-Dimethylcyclohexylamine used in rigid foams, leads to a well-balanced proportion of gelling and blowing reactions,intermediate in the production of agricultural chemicals,rubber chemicals,corrosion inhibitors,petroleum additives.

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Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate

Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate is partially water soluble and water dispersible. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate acts to aid in stabilizing shale sections, controlling solids dispersion and improving wall cake characteristics. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate is highly sulfonated by unique process which leads to partially oil soluble as well. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate gives more excellent emulsifying characteristic. It is also highly resistant to temperature. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate stabilizes shale formation by inhibiting disintegration of the shale both chemically and physically. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate inhibits the dispersion of drilling cuttings, controls high temperature high pressure (HTHP) filtration. It reduces torque and drag, prolongs the life of the bit, improves filter cake quality and enhances well productivity. It also acts as an emulsifier of diesel oil. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate is a proven extensively used drilling fluid additive having many fine properties.

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Railroad Diesel Engine Oils

Railroad engine oil promises to maintain the oil consumption savings enjoyed with multigrade engine oil formulations, while reducing environmental emissions,will enhance oxidation and thermal stability.

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