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Nafion is a sulfonated tetrafluoroethylene based fluoropolymer-copolymer. It is the first of a class of synthetic polymers with ionic properties. It has found use in fuel cells, electrochemical devices, chlor-alkali production, metal-ion recovery, water electrolysis, plating, surface treatment of metals, batteries, sensors, Donnan dialysis cells, drug release, gas drying or humidifaction, and superacid catalysis for the production of fine chemicals.

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Nonene, also known as propylene trimer, is a branched olefin produced by the polymerisation of propylene. It is extracted from the poly gasoline that is formed in a reactor. Once separated, the nonene is treated with antioxidants, before onward shipment.

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Octane is a hydrocarbon and an alkane. It has many structural isomers that differ by the amount and location of branching in the carbon chain. As with all low-molecular weight hydrocarbons, octane and its isomers are very flammable. n-Octane is a minor component of gasoline (petrol), and undesirable due to its low octane rating.

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SYLFAT is a tall oil fatty acid (TOFA) with high fatty acid content and a low content of rosin acids and unsaponifiables. It provides a combination of light color, very good color stability and air drying properties. SYLFAT products have a partially unsaturated C18 backbone, and are used in a wide range of applications including alkyd resins, dimer acids, surfactants, cleaners, oil field chemicals, lubricant esters and other chemical derivatives.

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Asphalt is a sticky, black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid that is present in most crude petroleums and in some natural deposits sometimes termed asphaltum. It is almost impossible to separate and identify all the different molecules of asphalt, because the number of molecules with different chemical structure is extremely large.

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Bitumen is a mixture of Hydro carbons and thermoplastic material having strong tarry odour. It stiffness is dependent on temperature. It also known as Asphalt and Mineral Pitch. Bitumen is mainly used for road construction, Surface on runways in Airports for smoother runways. Hydraulic applications such as lining in canals, protection in river banks and dams and reservoirs.Bitumen is also used in industrial applications like roofing, electrical cable, junction boxes, mastic for flooring, water proofing for terraces, duplex paper manufacture, etc.

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Burnaid is a concentrated organic combustion improver. It contains no metals and can be used in diesel engines and boilers. The organic compounds in Burnaid promote improved combustion by reacting with fuel particles, thus lowering ignition temperatures.

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CARADOL polyether polyols are derived from propylene oxide. They are organic materials with two or more alcohol end-groups (OH) and sometimes with micrometer polymer particles present in suspension. When polyether polyols and isocyanates are reacted together they form polyurethanes.

CP 1900

CP 1900 prevents biofilm formation and control the growth of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria in the oilfield industry. It can destroy biofilms produced by sessile bacteria, effectively stopping the bacterial growth at source.

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CP 9000

CP 9000 controls the corrosion in oil water systems and ensures protection from acidic species. CP 9000 provides excellent filming properties over a broad pH range.

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