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MWV M-15

MWV M-15 contains fatty acids and approximately 15 percent rosin. It is used in metalworking compounds, alkyd resins and pine oil cleaners.

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Octene-1 is an alpha-olefin, meaning that the double bond is located at the alpha (primary) position, endowing this compound with higher reactivity and thus useful chemical properties. Octene-1 is one of the important linear alpha olefins in industry. The primary, even overwhelming, use of 1-octene is as a comonomer in production of polyethylene. High-density polyethylene and linear low-density polyethylene use approximately 2-4% and 8-10% of comonomers, respectively. Another significant use of 1-octene is for production of linear aldehyde via OXO Synthesis (hydroformylation) for later production of the short-chain fatty acid nonanoic acid, a carboxylic acid, by oxidation of an intermediate aldehyde or linear alcohols for plasticizer application by hydrogenation of the aldehyde.

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P-Xylene is used as a feedstock in the production of terephthalic acid and dimethyl terephthalate, both monomers used in the production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles and polyester clothing. 98% of p-Xylene production, and half of all xylene, is used for polymer production.

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POLYTROL high-purity nonionic polymer. It increases viscosity in fresh to saturated brine (i.e completion) fluids.

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QUIK-GEL viscosifier is an easy-to-mix, finely ground, premium-grade, high-yielding Wyoming sodium bentonite. It imparts viscosity, fluid loss control and gelling characteristics to freshwater-based drilling fluids.

SOL Guar

SOL Guar also known as Guar Gum and is a common oilfield chemical due to it being an economical source of polymer viscosifier and is used basically in both fresh water and salt water based muds for providing viscosity and control fluid loss.

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SOL PHPA is primarily used for its efficiency in reducing fluid loss and maintaining hole stability and is compatible with most drilling fluid products. It is a co-polymer of anionic character and high molecular weight. It is a water-soluble polymer, which is primarily used as a highly efficient fluid loss reducer, viscosifier and protective colloid for shale's and cutting in fresh water, calcium, sodium brines and KCL mud systems. It is compatible with most of the drilling fluid products, biopolymers, PAC, CMC etc.

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SOLPHALT is a complete additive for reducing HT/HP filtration loss and forms a thin flexible filter cake, reducing torque and drag. SOLPHALT seals small fractures in stressed shale formations and works well with fine LCM materials such as Shell Fill Fine to minimize spurt loss or seepage into a permeable zone.

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SYLVATAL products are distilled tall oils (DTO), with 10–30% rosin acids. It is an ideal raw material for functional products like metal working fluids, oil field chemicals, soaps, cleaners and alkyd resins.

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