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Calcium Phosphide

Calcium phosphide may be formed by reaction of the elements. On contact with acids or water, calcium phosphide releases phosphine, which ignites spontaneously. Metal phosphides have been used as rodenticides. It is a common impurity in calcium carbide, which may cause the resulting phosphine-contaminated acetylene to ignite spontaneously.

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Di(1-adamantyl)-n-butylphosphine hydriodide Technical >98%

Product Name: Di(1-adamantyl)-n-butylphosphine hydriodide
Synonyms: Di(1-adamantyl)-n-butylphosphine hydriodide;n-Butyl-di-(1-adamantyl)phosphoniumiodide,min.95%[cataCXiumAHI];cataCXium(R) AHI, Di(1-adamantanyl)-n-butyl-phosphonium iodide;n-Butyl-di-(1-adamantyl) phosphonium iodide, min. 95%;Di(1-adamantyl)-n-butylphosphine hydriodide 95%;n-Butyl-di-(1-adaMantyl)phosphoniuM iodide;Di(1-adaMantyl)-n-butylphosphi;Di(adamantan-1-yl)(butyl)phosphine hydroiodide
CAS: 714951-87-8
MF: C24H40IP
MW: 486.452631
Product Categories: organophosphine ligand;Achiral Phosphine;Aryl Phosphine
Mol File: 714951-87-8.mol
Di(1-adamantyl)-n-butylphosphine hydriodide Structure
Di(1-adamantyl)-n-butylphosphine hydriodide Chemical Properties
form Powder
color white
Sensitive light sensitive

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Triphenylphosphine oxide Purified 99.5%

Product Name: Triphenylphosphine oxide 
Synonyms: (C6H5)3P=O;Phosphine oxide, triphenyl-;Triphenyl phosphorus oxide;Triphenylphosphanoxid;Triphenylphosphanoxide;triphenyl-phosphineoxid;triphenylphosphorusoxide;AURORA KA-1603 
CAS: 791-28-6 
MF: C18H15OP 
MW: 278.28 
EINECS: 212-338-8 
Testing items Value
Appearance Pure white crystal powder
Purity % 99.0 MIN
Loss on dry % 0.5 MAX
Packing Net W.T 25kg/drum


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Vinylphosphonic Acid

Vinylphosphonic Acid is an organo phosphorus compound. It is a colorless, low-melting solid although commercial samples are often yellowish viscous liquids. Vinylphosphonic Acid is used to prepare adhesives. Vinylphosphonic acid can be prepared in several ways but the most common involves addition of PCl3 to acetaldehyde.

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