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1073 DPP Orange 73

1073 DPP Orange 73 is a medium shade opaque orange pigment with very good light and chemical resistance. It is recommended for plastics applications such as PVC and rubber with additional uses in polyolefins and PUR. This product is also used in the coatings industry for high quality and general industrial applications including automotive finishes, in powder coatings and printing inks.

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Pigment Yellow 175

Pigment Yellow 175 is greenish yellow pigment with excellent bleed resistance, lightfastness and weathering properties meant for coating application.

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Glacial Acetic acid

Glacial Acetic acid is usefull in the manufacturing of organic pigments, Dyestuffs, agriculture chemicals, polymers, and other various applications.

1269 Napthol Red 269

1269 Napthol Red 269 is a bluer shade red pigment with good resistance to light and solvents. It is primarily recommended for water based packaging inks. Additional uses can be found in textile printing and artist color products.

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Unifast Yellow 191:1

Unifast Yellow 191:1 is suitable for use in dispersions, inks, rubber, plastic, detergents etc.

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Paliotol Black L 0080

Paliotol Black L 0080 is an organic black pigment is mainly used because of its neutral, particularly deep black shade that cannot be obtained with carbon black pigments. The main application therefore is the pigmentation of deep black coatings such as those for pianos or optical instruments. Another use is in UV-curable coatings where carbon blacks may cause problems with through curing.

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5154 Phthalo Blue 15:4

5154 Phthalo Blue 15:4 is a beta type, non-crystallizing, non-flocculating green shade phthalocyanine blue, recommended for various coatings and printing ink applications. It is recommended for use in various industrial paint applications such as air dry and baking alkyds. Other areas of use include nitrocellulose and polyamide inks.

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VOXCO Pigment Yellow 1

VOXCO Pigment Yellow 1 is mono-azo yellow organic pigment. VOXCO Pigment Yellow 1 is suitable for alkyd resins and industrial paints.

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VOXCO Pigment Yellow 12 OP

VOXCO Pigment Yellow 12 OP is dis-azo yellow organic pigment. VOXCO Pigment Yellow 12 OP is suitable for paste inks (metal decorative), gravure inks (vinyl resin), water based flexo inks (PA/PU/NC) and PVC/plastisol inks.

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VOXCO Pigment Yellow 83 OP

VOXCO Pigment Yellow 83 OP is dis azo yellow organic pigment. It is suitable for alkyd resins, industrial paints, powder coating, coil coating, automotive and refinish.

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