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Pigment Blue 15:2 Technical 99.55%

Organic Pthalocyanine Pigment Alpha Blue 15:2 NCNF Grade of Red Shade alfa Blue suitable for various Coatings and Paints, and Pigment Blue 15:2 Has Greenish Alpha Shade.

Pigment Orange 64 Technical 95.55%

organic benzimidazolone pigment orange 64 Opaque mid Red orange, High heat stability and controlled Halogens , controlled italogens,

Pigment Yellow 138 Technical 99.5%

Medium Yellow Opaque Pigment with good durability good flow and Formulation Flexibilty,  organic  quinophthalone pigment shaayee yellow.

Pigment Yellow 139 Technical 99.50

organic isoindoline pigment yellow 139 Highly opaque Redlish Shade Yellow for Coating (Lead Free), Highly Transparent, Industry STD Transperent for Plastic Masterbatch


pigment yellow 151 Technical 99.55

Organic Benzimidazolone Pigment Nyastha Yellow 151 Greenish Yellow opaque pigment with excellent migration Properties, Flow Property,

Pigment Yellow 154 Technical 99.55%

Organic Benzimidazolone Pigment Yellow 154 Medium Yellow Opaque Pigment with good durability good flow & Formulation Flexibility with good fastness Property.

pigment blue 15:3 technical 99.5% Technical 99.5

Organic Phthalocyanine Pigment blue 15:3 Best grade for NC/PU/PA with good flow, gloss and transperceny, High Dispersion, Fibre Grade,

Organic Pigment Blue 15 for Inks Technical 99.55%

Organic Phthalocyanine  pigment blue 15:1, 15:2, 15;3, 15:4

Organic Pigment Blue 15 for Paints Technical 99.5

Organic Phthalocyanine Pigment Blue 15:1, 15:2, 15:3, 15:4


organic pigment blue 15 for paints Technical 99.55

Organic Phthalocyanine  Pigment Blue 15:1, Organic Phthalocyanine Pigment blue 15:4 Pigment blue 15.4 Pigment beta blue 15-4, Pigment blue 15:3, Pigment blue 15.3, Pigment blue 15, Pigment blue 15:1, Pigment blue 15.1, Pigment blue 15:2, Pigment alfa blue 15.2


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