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Ansai honey FOOD GRADE 99%

Chemical Name : Ansai honey  ;
Molecular Formula : C31H23BrO3 ;
CAS No.: 56073-10-0 ;
Purity: 99% ;
Appearance :
Quality standard:;Food grade;
Packaging: 25K g /drum ;
Usage: Estrogen has a similar effect on the improvement of women with osteoporosis effective and can be used osteoporosis drugs

L-Carnitine FOOD GRADE 99%

product Name L(-)-Carnitine 
Synonyms L-(-)-Carnitine; 3-Hydroxy-4-(trimethylammonio)butanoate; Vitamin BT; L-Carnitine; Levocarnitinep; L-Carnitine Base; (D)L-Carnitine 
Molecular Formula C7H15NO3 
Molecular Weight 161.2 
InChI InChI=1/C7H15NO3/c1-8(2,3)5-6(9)4-7(10)11/h6,9H,4-5H2,1-3H3/t6-/m1/s1 
CAS Registry Number 541-15-1 
EINECS 208-768-0 

glycine FOOD GRADE > 99.0%

Glycine   Aminoacetic Acid 

[Molecular formula]  C2H5NO2 
[Molecular weight]  75.07 
[Structure formula]  NH2CH2COOH 
[Physical-chemistry property]  White crystal powder, sweet taste, easy to be dissolved in water, slightly dissolved in methanol and ethanol, but not dissolved in acetone and ether.
[Melting point]: between 232-236?(decomposition).
[Specifications & Usage] 
Food/Feed grade:
As a kind of amino acid, it can be used as a flavoring, sweetener and nutritional supplement.
applied in alcoholic beverage, animal and plant food processing; for the making of salted vegetables and sweet jams; and as an additive for the making of salted sauce, vinegar and fruit juice, in order to improve the flavor and the taste of food and increase the nutrition of food. as a preservative for fish flakes and peanut jams and stabilizer for cream, cheese etc. as a buffering agent for the taste of edible salt and vinegar. mainly used as a feed additive to increase the amino acid for the poultry and the domestic animals especially for pets.

Pharma grade:
It's mainly used in amino acid injection solution as nutritional infusion. It can be used as a supplemental medicine to treat myasthenia progressive and pseudo hypertrophic muscular dystrophy; It is used as acid-making agent to treat neural hyperacidity and gastric ulcer hyperacidity.

[Package and weight(net weight) ] 25kg/bag; 750kg/big bag; 1MT/big bag; 25kg/drum, (or as customer’s requirement)


Tech-grade glycine

(1) Used as a solvent for removing CO2 in the fertilizer industry, as an additive to the galvanizing solution;
(2) Used as a pH regulator;
(3) Used as an intermediate of pesticides, e.g. a key raw material for Herbicide Glyphosate.


-          Chemical name: Calcium Lactate

-          Standard: Food grade FCC

-          Appearance: crystalline powder

-          Color: white to cream color

-          Odor: almost odorless

-          Solubility: Freely soluble in hot water

-          Molecular formula: C6H10CaO6·5H2O

-          Molecular weight: 308.3 g/mol

-          CAS No.: 28305-25-1, 5743-47-5

-          Calcium lactate content : 98.0-101.0% w/w

-          Calcium content: 16.5-20.1% w/w

-          Calcium content: 13.1-14.5%

-          Loss on drying: 22.0-27.0%

chitosan FOOD GRADE 90%min.

Chitosan is a substance obtained by deacetylation of chitin. Food Grade Chitosan is made from Alaska deep-sea snow crab shells, absolutely unpolluted and safe
Off-white, innocuous, flavorless, pearly color schistic or powdery, dissolved at 185°C. Insoluble in water and organic solvents, but soluble in inorganic and organic acid such as dilute acid, acetic acid, and so on.
Chitosan is the only natural active polysaccharide with cationic, and called the Six Element of Life after Protein, Fat, sugar, mineral and vitamin, can be widely used in Food, Medicine, Health Care, Chemical Engineering, etc.

l-alanine FOOD GRADE >99.0%






White crystal or crystalline powder with special taste?Sweetness is about 70% of sucrose. It begins to sublimwe above 200?, the melting point is 297? (decomposition). Stable chemical properties, soluble in water (25?, 17%), slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether.


1, It can improve the nutritional value of food, in all kinds of food and beverages, such as bread, ice cream, tea, milk, carbonated soft drinks, ice cream and others.

Adding 0.1%~1% L-Alanine,the utilization rate of protein in food and beverage could be significantly improved.

As characteristic,L-Alanine could be directly absorbed by cells,therefore,after drinking,the people could quickly restore fatigue and hearten spirit.

2, L- alanine can improve artificial sweeteners taste, increase sweetnessand reduce the use amount.

Adding 1%~10% L-Alanine to compound sweet taste agen,it could enhance the sweetness,make the sweet soft as a natural sweetener and improve the taste.

3, L-Alanine is one of raw material to synthesize high sweetness-Alitame(600times sweeter than sucrose).

4, L-Alanine is used as a flavor enhancer,could increase the seasoning effect of seasoning.It is also used as a sour agent to improve the acidity of organic acids.

5, L-Alanine is main component of a variety of medical amino acid preparation and raw material for the phamaceutical grade l-alanine.

Package: 25kg/bag,25kg/drum,or according to the customer`s demand.Storage in a cool,dry place.



dl-alanine FOOD GRADE >99.0%

Product Name DL-Alanine
Molecular formula C3H7NO2
CAS No. 302-72--7
EINECS No. 206-126-4
Molecular weight 89.09
Description White crystal or crystalline powder with special taste?Sweetness is about 70% of sucrose. It begins to sublimwe above 200?, the melting point is 297? (decomposition). Stable chemical properties, soluble in water (25?, 17%), slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether.
Specification (AJI JSFA8TH)
ASSAY 98.5%~101.0%
Transmittance ≥98.0%
pH Value 5.5 ~ 7.0
CHLORIDE ≤ 0.002%
SULFATE(SO42-) ≤0.02%
IRON (Fe) ≤ 20 PPM
Function DL-Alanine is mainly used in food processing industry for nutritional supplements and seasoning,also used in pharmaceutical industry.
DL-alanine could enhance the effect of chemical seasoning sauce.
Wiith a special sweet taste,DL-Alanine can improve the artificial sweetener,the acidity of organic acid and the flavor of vinegar.
With sour,dl-alanine could make salt fast tasty,to improve the effect of pickled vegetables and pichles.It could shorten the curing time and improve the flavor.
As sour correction agent and buffer in synthesis of wine and drink,dl-alanine could prevent foaming wine aging and reduce the smell of yeast.
With antioxidant properties,dl-alanine could be used in a vatiety of food processing,such as oil,egg yolk sauce,grains,soy sauce dipping food,rice bran preservend food.
It could both to prevent oxidation and also to improve the flavor.
Package&Storage? 25kg/bag,25kg/drum,or according to the customer`s demand.Storage in a cool,dry place.

isolate soy protein FOOD GRADE


Powdered Soya Protein Isolated For Milk is a highly refined or purified form of soy protein with a minimum protein content of 90% on a moisture-free basis. Powdered Soya Protein Isolated For Milkd is made from defatted soy flour which has had most of the nonprotein components, fats and carbohydrates removed. Because of this, Powdered Soya Protein Isolated For Milkd has a neutral flavor and will cause less flatulence due to bacterial fermentation.

Soy protein isolates are mainly used to improve the texture of meat products, but are also used to increase protein content, to enhance moisture retention, and are used as an emulsifier.

polyglutamic acid Technical >90%

Gamma Poly-glutamic acid (γ-PGA) is a natural occurring, multi-functional, and biodegradable biopolymer. It is produced through fermentation by Bacillus subtilis using glutamic acid. PGA is consists of glutamic acid monomers crosslinked between α-amino and γ-carboxyl groups, and the molecular weight of PGA is usually between 500~5,000 kDa. It is water-soluble, edible and non-toxictowards human, and is environment friendly. It has broad applications in the fields of medicine, food, cosmetics, and water treatment.

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