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Agar Agar Food Grade (China Grass) FOOD GRADE <90%

Agar Agar is used as 100% vegetarian substitute for Gelatin (manufactured from animal bones and skin) in the food industry. The usage is fast gaining ground due to the worldwide shift for products of vegetable origin. Agar Agar has been used for many centuries as high performance gelling agent.

Its ability to produce clear colourless, odourless, and natural gels without the support of other colloids has long been exploited by the food industry as a stabilizing and gelling agent. Agar Agar gels at 34°C to 42°C and melts at

80°C to 98°C. This unmatched natural hysteresis offers a definite advantage particularly with regard to the shelf life of food preparations.

sodium bicarbonate food grade >99% FOOD GRADE >99%

White crystal powder, non-toxic, salty in taste, soluble in water and aqueous solution, insoluble in ethanol, alkalescence, deliquescent in the air, easily labile at high temperature, release  carbon dioxide. Its density is 2.16~2.22g/cm³.

Sodium Gluconate food grade(CAS NO.:527-07-1) 99.8%


1.It can be used as food additives.

2.It can be used as water quality stabilizer because it has excellent inhibiting capacity to scale. 

3.It can beused as surface cleaning agent of metal 

4.It can beused as cleaning agent of glass bottle 

5.It also can be used as water reducing agent and retarder in the building & construction industry.


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