Textile industry specialty chemicals used in dyeing, printing, finishing textile fabrics


Resina 60

Resina 60 is a water based acrylic thickener which can be thickened with ammonia, and suitable for various textile applications, flocking and pigment printing etc.

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White crystal powder, non-toxic, salty in taste, soluble in water and aqueous solution, insoluble in ethanol, alkalescence, deliquescent in the air, easily labile at high temperature, release  carbon dioxide. Its density is 2.16~2.22g/cm³

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Saumafix DFA

Saumafix DFA is a cationic dye fixing agent and improves wash and perspiration fastness of cellulosic material and blends dyed/printed with direct or reactive dyes.

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Saumafix ECNF

Saumafix ECNF is a cationic dye fixing agent, similar to SaumaFix DFA, but SaumaFix ECNF is Eco friendly (free of formaldehyde).

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Saumafluid C

SaumaFluid C is used in jet dyeing machines to counter the effect of crow feet and rope marks, especially found in bulky fabrics. SaumaFluid C is an excellent blend of various anti-static agent, surface active agents & defoamers.

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Saumasist DLC

Saumasist DLC is 3-1 product which works as a carrier, leveling agent and dispersing agent. Saumasist is an effective leveling & swelling agent in the dyeing of synthetics with disperse dyes.

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Textile Lubricants

  1. Turbolube AC - premium grade friction reducer cum emulsifier. Ideal for dye bath lubrication of heavy GSM fabrics.
  2. Turbolube LP - versatile polymer based lubricant and crease inhibitor.

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UREZ Fin (374-13)

UREZ Fin (374-13) is used as dip-padding.Good body and handle for finished fabrics.

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Wetting Agent for Textile

  1. Turbowet PLF - premium low foaming nonionic wetting agent cum detergent.
  2. Turbowet ULF - low foaming nonionic wetting agent for good scouring.
  3. Turbowet PLE - low foaming nonionic wetting,scouring and solubilising agent.
  4. Turbowet 3000 - wetting agent cum detergent for jigger, winch and drum washing machines.
  5. Turbowet MR55 - non-cresylic mercerising wetting agent.

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Zinc Stearate

Zinc stearate is a "zinc soap" that is widely used industrially. In this context, soap is used in its formal sense, a metal "salt" of a fatty acid. It is a white solid that repels water. It is insoluble in polar solvents such as alcohol and ether but soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons (e.g., benzene) and chlorinated hydrocarbons when heated. It is the most powerful mold release agent among all metal soaps. It contains no electrolyte and has a hydrophobic effect. Its main application areas are the plastics and rubber industry, where it is used as a releasing agent and lubricant which can be easily incorporated.

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