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Nalco 1720

Nalco 1720 is used as oxygen scavengers for boilers.It remove oxygen and also passivate the system metal to prevent corrosion.

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Nalco 1721

Nalco 1721 has been specially formulated to provide the scavenging power of catalyzed sulfite and metal passivation properties of NALCO 1700.It offers sulfite users the additional benefits of metal passivation and protection against oxygen attack.

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OLKLIN-OSP is used too prevent rust & corrosion occurred due to the combined action of dissolved oxygen and metal- ion.


CHEMIKA 231 is a liquid oxygen scavenger.It is used for high pressure boilers.

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CHEMIKA 241 is a liquid oxygen scavenger. It is used for low pressure boilers.

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CHEMIKA 811 is a organic catalyst based oxygen scavenger.

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CHEMIKA 871 is a inorganic catalyst based oxygen scavenger.

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SPEC HIB 02 is an active ammonium bisulfite solution that functions as a liquid oxygen scavenger for water systems. SPEC HIB 02 is used in conjunction with cathodic and formulated corrosion preventives to improve corrosion control in oxygenated water systems. SPEC HIB 02 can be used in water for heating or cooling, packer fluids, drilling fluids, or water floods.

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Accepta 2061

Accepta 2061 is a superior quality DEHA based oxygen scavenger developed for boiler water treatment. Accepta 2061 provides outstanding protection from oxygen corrosion together with excellent feed water and boiler system passivation. It can be used as a direct replacement for Hydrazine in any boiler up to 125 bar without the associated health and safety hazards, and handling precautions. Accepta 2061 is volatile and alkaline, contributing no dissolved solids or ammonia to the boiler system.

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Accepta 2212

Accepta 2212 is an excellent tannin based oxygen scavenger developed specifically for steam boilers and feed-water systems. Accepta 2212 is not dependent on the feed-water temperature and as it has an organic base, it does not add to the boiler water conductivity, so reduces the need for blow-down.

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