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Ca-Zn Stabilizer SKB-010 (CZ)

Ca-Zn Stabilizer SKB-010 (CZ) is a white powder stabilizer, containing the main stabilizer calcium,zinc with well balanced lubricants. It is specially used for wires and cables. It is an cost effective stabilizer.

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Ca-Zn Stabilizer SKB-200 (CZ)

Ca-Zn Stabilizer SKB-200 (CZ) is a white powder stabilizer, containing the main stabilizer calcium, zinc with well balanced lubricants. It is suggested for the white wire and cable which not required very high electrical insulation. It could be used with ultraviolet screener and fluorescent whitening agent.

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Ca-Zn Stabilizer SKB-410 (CZ)

Ca-Zn Stabilizer SKB-410 (CZ) is a white powder stabilizer, containing the main stabilizer calcium, zinc with well balanced lubricants. It is designed for twin and multi-screw PVC pipe and profiles extrusion. It allows efficient use of regrind.

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Calcium Carbonate > 98.5%

1. Product: Calcium Carbonate Powder (Coated & Uncoated).

2. Other name: Natural Calcite Powder, Limestone Powder, Ground Calcium Carbonate Powder (GCC), Heavy Calcium Carbonate Powder (HCC).

3. Application: Plastic, Pipe, Auto, Paint, Paper, Masterbatch, Rubber,…

4. Code: MRB, MRBA

5. Origin: Vietnam.

6. MOQ: 50 MT (2 x 20fcl).

7. Capacity: 18,000 MT per month.

8. Specification:


- CaCO3         ≥ 98.5%          

- Whiteness:    ≥ 98 %

- Brightness:    ≥ 96 %

- SiO2             ≤ 0,03%          

- Hardness:     2.5 Moh

- Density:         2.7g/cm3

- pH:                8.0 ÷ 9.0

9. Particle size

Micron size: D50: 1 – 6 micron; D97: 5 – 45 micron

Mesh size:  from 500 mesh to 2500 mesh



Lucas Nguyen

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Calcium Zinc PVC Stabilizer for PVC transparent products FOOD GRADE 99%

Chemical name

Transparent Non-Toxic Ca-Zn PVC Stabilizer





Main Components

calcium and zinc and organic functional compounds composite system





Transparent PVC products:

PVC film, toys, wire & cable, food package and other;                       




Technical Date


yellowish paste





Water content

Less than 2.5%




Product Features

AIMSTA-CZ-6122 non - toxic stabilizer, no heavy metals.

In line with the EU ROHS standards

Excellent transparency, Excellent thermal stability.

Increased molding workability.

Has excellent resistance to precipitation, anti-spray performance,

good lubricity




Reference Formulation

Raw material









40 - 80



3 - 5



2 - 4



0.2- 0.3



All data, including recipes, are true, but the customer must be tested in their own laboratory or equipment to confirm whether they are eligible for compliance with the applicable safety and health standards. Aimsea company can not make any commitment and bear the liability, the customer must comply with local patent laws and regulations.


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DURASTAB stabilizers have been designed to give an optimum balance of the heat stability, light stability, lubrication, sulphur staining, clarity, toxicity. DURASTAB stabilizers include liquid organic complexes of metals such as barium, cadmium, calcium, zinc, lead etc. organotin compounds and solid lead stabilizers.

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Decabromodiphenyl Ethane (DBDPE)

1. Brief introduction of company:

Oceanchem Group Limited, Since 1950s, As Unique State-Owned Group which has the abundant Salt and Bromine which mined from Natural Underground Halogen Water, in Weifang City,Shandong,China.

As the leading supplier for Flame Retardant, Plastics Additives, Oil Field Drilling Chemicals, Pharm Intermediates,
WaterTreatment chemicals base on our abundant resources of Bromines(Br) in China.

With the development over half century, We have became the big group with the rich experiences in Bromine and Phosphat Industries chemical. hope to expand our market with support from worldwide Innovate the new technology ,enviroment-protection raw materials for brighter,better world.

2. Usage:
This product is a new high efficiency, environment fridendly flame retardant developed by our company and Beijing Institute of Technology. The product has properties of high bromine content, excellent thermal stability, low toxicity and UV-resistance. It is used in high-impact polystyrene, engineering plastics, wires and cables, insulator, elastomer and thermoset plastics etc.

3. Packing: 25kg paper or PE/PP bag or as customer's requirement.

Output annual: 10000mt.

Items Index
Appearance: White powder.
Bromine content %: 81-82
Brightness %: 87 min.
Volatile %: 0.1 max.
Particle size(D5O) um: 5 max.
Free Br ppm: 10 max.
Melting point ° C: 340 min.

4. Transportation Classification of product:

not regulated for transportation

We can provide the relevant product information, such as REACH registration, TDS, SDS, COA and we cooperated with Third Party to Supervise the Steady Quality, CONTROLUNION, INTERTEK, PONY and SGS etc. If the customer need them, we can offer you.

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DiBasic Lead Stearate

DiBasic Lead Stearate use in the field of lubricant and stabilizer at high temperatures during PVC processing. It finds application in cable manufacturing, calandering operations and extrusions. It is not used in articles that are likely to come in contact with foodstuff. It also possesses good heat stabilising properties, particularly when used in conjunction with other lead stabilisers.

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Dibasic Lead Phosphate

Dibasic Lead Phosphate is used as PVC stabilizer.

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