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PERKASTAB 5 is used as color stabilizer in calcium/zinc stabilizer systems for PVC.

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PVC Resin SG-5

It is widely used in the production of water pipe, chemical pipe, plastic windows and doors, packing film, plastic carpet, plastic ceiling, sanitary fitting, leatheroid, plastic wallpaper etc.

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PVC stabilizer for wire and cable Technical 90%


Chemical name

Non-Toxic Ca-Zn PVC Stabilizer



Main Components

calcium and zinc and organic functional compounds composite system



dark color soft, semi-rigid wire and cable, rolling film and other;                        Can be used for J-70, H-70, UL-60, UL-80 wire and cable.


Technical Date


White or yellowish powder



Water content

Less than 2.5%

Melting range

80 ° C to 150 ° C


Product Features

AIMSTA-6700WB non - toxic stabilizer, no heavy metals.

Excellent thermal stability and initial coloring

Has excellent resistance to precipitation, anti-spray performance

Good inhibition of copper green performance


Reference Formulation

Raw material






Appropriate amount


4 - 6


3 - 5

Calcium titanate

30 - 50

Stearic acid

0.4 - 0.6

PE wax

0.6 - 0.8


Appropriate amount


suggest less use chlorinated paraffin, according to the amount and type of calcium carbonate appropriate to adjust the amount of lubricant.


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SONGLIGHT 1190 is hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) of N-CH3 type that protects polymers from degradation due to ultraviolet radiation and long term heat aging.

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SONGLIGHT 1230 is a liquid hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) of NOR type based on an aminoether. It is effective light stabilizer in acrylics, polyurethanes, sealants, adhesives, rubbers, impact modified polyolefin blends (TPE, TPO), vinyl polymers (PVC, PVB), PP and unsaturated polyesters. It is also used in automotive and industrial coating, decorative paint and wood stains or varnishes.

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Shitastab 121

Shitastab 121 Octyl tin Mercaptide Stabilizer is intended for use in non-toxic clear rigid PVC compound. It provides outstanding heat and light stability maintaining initial color. It is recommended in crystal clear pvc sheets, blow molding, rigid films, injections moulding, calendering process, extrusion etc. It is used for food grade purpose for pvc bottles, jars, films in food packaging, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals product packaging, blister films etc.

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Shitastab 999

Shitastab 999 provides outstanding Heat Stability maintaining initial color. It is used in crystal clear PVC Sheets, blow moulding, rigid films, soft films, injections moulding, calendaring process, extrusion etc.

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Shitastab Mts 120

Shitastab Mts 120 methyl tin mercaptide is the most effective heat stabilizer for the processing of Pvc plastic. It is most suitable for all Rigid and flexible, extruded, moulded, coated, calendered PVC products. It also offers early colour hold and better weatherability.

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Sodium Stearate Technical

Introduction of Sodium Stearate:

Production name: sodium stearate
molecular weight: 306.46
molecular formula: C17H35COONa

white powder, slightly soluble in water and ethanol, in strong acid decomposed into stearic acid sodium salt and response, good emulsification, infiltration and detergency


Specification :





White powder

Sodium content,%


Free fatty acid,%




Fineness(thr. 0.075mm screen)




rigid PVC heat stabilizer.
detergent is used to control the rinse bubble, in the process of decontamination detergent.
emulsifier and separating agent used in polymer emulsion oxidation, etc.
corrosion inhibitors used in polyethylene packaging film has the protection performance, etc.
cosmetics, shaving gel, transparent glue, toothpaste manufacture and so on.
leather industry of emulsifier, soft agent.



Keep it in airtight containers and dry, cool and dark place. Damp-proof, far from fire and no contact with corrosive matter. 


Packaging :

Net 20kg, paper or polyethylene bag

Net 15kg, paper bag on pallets


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Thermolite 108 Heat Stabilizer

Thermolite 108 Heat Stabilizer is a general purpose, butyltin mercaptide PVC heat stabilizer. It is outstanding in preserving compound color hold, even under the most severe processing conditions. It is a clear liquid and is completely compatible with all PVC resins and formulation additives.

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