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P-Cresol is a phenol compound.It is used in phenol-formaldehyde resins,production of lubricating oils and motor fuels.

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ROTOBASE is a lightweight rock fl our that is enhanced to become ultra pure through special grinding and sieving processes. It is a latent hydraulic / puzzolanic binder, that is also used as a mineral lightweight aggregate.


ROTOCELL is a lightweight and dry granulate that is enhanced to become very pure through a special grinding and sieving processes. It is used as an aggregate in the paint and dry mortar industries, as well as, a substrate in the construction chemical industries.


UNICOLOR grades are binder free multipurpose pigment preparations of pourable consistency based on non ionic and anionic wetting and dispersing agents. UNICOLOR grades are compatible with aqueous and non aqueous bases.UNICOLOR grades have excellent repeatability, reproducibility and specially made pourable and pumpable pigment preparations for the ease and accuracy of using them in automatic dispensing machines and offers advantages in processing with dispensing machines.

ALFA 2200

ALFA 2200 is a chromium-based metal passivator normally used as final rinse for phosphated substrate.

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ALFA 5000

ALFA 5000 is an environment friendly paint stripper. Contains no methylene chloride and halogen solvent.

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