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adaCAL P1

adaCAL P1 is synthetically produced from lime by chemical precipitation method and used as a functional mineral filler in many sectors, with its high CaCO3 content and low impurity, controlled morphology and homogeneous partical size distribution. adaCAL P1 adds some extra properties to the product such as strength, opacity, whiteness, brightness and viscosity regulation(thixotropy). adaCAL P1 is used as a calcium source in food industry.adaCAL P1 is also used in Polypropylene(PP), Polyethylene(PE) and Polyester products.


granofill is a natural mineral filler with a distinctive brilliant, luminous, and shining effect. It is available in different uniform, consistent colours.


granostar is a mineral raw material made from natural rock. It is extracted from selected, special-quality granites.

Alpha Kote

Alpha Kote is a water-borne single component polyurethane emulsion formulated to be surface tolerant and corrosion resistant. Alpha Kote proprietary food grade resin blend with high quality components ensures effective sealing of tight rust and provides a seamless rubber like surface that is both flexible and impervious to liquid water.

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Altibright is high brightness, asbestos free, platy functional fillers/extenders developed for diverse industrial applications.


BENTONE 38 is a highly effective for oil,especially at elevated temperatures above 30°F (50°C). BENTONE 38 rheological additive is the oil service industry’s standard for a high temperature/high pressure performance organoclay. This additive is manufactured with a high efficiency hectorite clay noted for imparting superior heat stability. BENTONE 38 exhibits an excellent balance of dispersibility and efficiency. BENTONE 38 performs well in diesels, mineral oils, poly, linear and isomerized alpha olefins and vegetable oil derivative base fluids. BENTONE 38 is having applications in adhesives, mastic compounds, aerosol paints, anti-corrosive paints, automotive finishes, primers,coil coating systems,cosmetics,industrial paints,mould release agents, wood stains.

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CLiQSPERSE wetting and dispersing agents for aqueous and non-aqueous coatings or pigment concentrates to improve pigment dispersion, stability and compatibility.


DAPRO U-99 is an interfacial tension modifier which eliminates or diminishes film defects such as crawling, fish eyes, and some forms of cratering in two-component epoxies and alkyd paints. It can also promote spreading and uniform film formation on hard-to-wet or contaminated surfaces. It is suitable for addition at any stage of manufacture of pigmented or clear coatings.

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DAPRO W-77 is an interfacial tension modifier which acts as an intermediate between areas of high and low surface tension, either within a coating or between the coating and the substrate. It will eliminate or diminish film defects such as crawling, fish eyes, and some forms of cratering. It can also promote spreading and uniform film formation on hard-to-wet or contaminated surfaces. The application include in waterborne paint & coatings, industrial coatings, maintenance finishes, inks, adhesives etc.

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