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MS-11CZ LT Surface Primer is a low temperature curing, heavy duty, anti-corrosive modified epoxy primer which forms a tough abrasion resistant film that protects the substrate from salt and chemical attack. Additionally, MS-11CZ LT is a HAPS free primer which contains specially formulated zinc complexes which provide “State of the Art” cathodic protection against corrosion of steel decks on Navy vessels.MS-11CZ LT Surface Primer is designed to be used in conjunction with American Safety Technologies high performance non-slip decking products and meets the low volatile organic compound requirements of California and NAVSEA air pollution guidelines.

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MS-8000 LT

MS-8000 LT series non-skids are low temperature cure, high solids, heavy duty, non-slip deck coatings formulated with special epoxy resins and aggregates to give maximum adhesion on aircraft carrier flight decks and provide non-slip protection for aircraft, rolling equipment and personnel. Its ultra high solids formulation is more environmentally friendly and reduces reporting requirements under NESHAP rules.

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Nubirox N2

Nubirox N2 is a white anticorrosive pigment for application in anticorrosive paints with cost and average performance features.

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Nubirox SP

Nubirox SP is a white anticorrosive pigment with high performance features and high compatibility recommended pigment for one coat high gloss application.

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OPTIGEL WX is a specially selected and activated smectite product, has a high swelling capacity in water and shows a marked thixotropic thickening effect. OPTIGEL WX is stable in diluted acids and bases and is particularly effective in acidic, neutral and alkaline systems. It has applications in emulsion paints, release coatings, silicate paints, paint strippers, water reducible paints, liquid cleaners, inks, grinding pastes and abrasives, and car undercoatings.

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Permax 805

Permax 805 is a polyvinylidene dichloride emulsion offers excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion to a wide range of metal substrates. It works well with direct to metal, topcoat and basecoat finishes.

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RayTech 49

RayTech 49 is a surfactant free, styrene-acrylic solution polymer with outstanding water resistance and water blush resistance.

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Soap Stone

Soapstone is a metamorphic rock, a talc-schist. It is largely composed of the mineral talc and is thus rich in magnesium.Soapstone is used for inlaid designs, sculpture, coasters, and kitchen countertops and sinks. The Inuit often used soapstone for traditional carvings. Some Native American groups made bowls, cooking slabs, and other objects from soapstone, particularly during the Late Archaic archaeological period. Vikings hewed soapstone directly from the stone face, shaped it into cooking-pots, and sold these at home and abroad.

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Stripper T

Stripper T is an alkaline, concentrated and liquid E-Coat remover/cleaner for steel, used full strength or diluted 50:50 with water at temperatures ranging from 120-200 F to remove oily residues and dissolve E-coated polymeric materials from steel.It is fast acting and free rinsing which accommodates further processing or application of a final finish.

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TOP 6600-B

TOP 6600-B is non toxic, non hazardous, and biodegradable.It is applicable on all kinds of metals including aluminum, cadmium, magnesium, steel, titanium, and zinc.

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