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GALVITE HS is a low VOC solvent based acrylic coating. It is intended for use in mild industrial and commercial environments. It may be used untopcoated or topcoated with select waterborne or solvent based coatings.GALVITE HS is recommended for Galvanized steel,Galvalume,Primed ferrous metal,Zinc rich primers

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Glycoluril is the heterocyclic nitrogen containing compound, mainly uses as the bactericide Tetrachloroglycine urea, flame retardant agent of synthetic materials and slow-release nitrogen fertilizer, used in the synthesis of Glycoluril resin, other glycoluril derivatives.

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Gum Arabic

Gum arabic, also known as gum acacia, chaar gund, char goond or meska, is a natural gum made of hardened sap taken from two species of the acacia tree; Acacia senegal and Acacia seyal. Gum arabic is a key ingredient in traditional lithography and is used in printing, paint production, glue, cosmetics and various industrial applications, including viscosity control in inks and in textile industries.

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ICHO PLAST is safe and Eco-friendly specialized products meant for coloration of plastics rubber & allied products-artistic colors. ICHO PLAST is fine stable pigment powder, which have wide compatibility with various acrylic binders, additives used in plastic, rubber and allied products.


IDCRYL 511 is a premium decorative paint binder with excellent scrub resistance.

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ITAMID F95 is a solventless coating, reactive adhesives with high chemical resistance, adhesives for parquet, encapsulation, epoxy tar, concrete primers.

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Isodur RFE

Isodur RFE is a solution of tris(p-isocyanatophenyl) thiophosphate in ethyl acetate for the use as a crosslinking agent for solvent borne adhesives. Isodur RFE is a highly effective crosslinker for adhesives based on polyurethane, natural rubber and synthetic rubber (especially chloroprene rubber). It improves the heat stability, hydrolysis resistance and the resistance to grease, oils, and solvents.

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Isophorone is an α, β-unsaturated cyclic ketone. It occurs naturally in cranberries. Univar Inc is a global supplier of isophorone which is used as a solvent in some printing inks, paints, lacquers, adhesives, copolymers, coatings, finishings and pesticides. Buy isophorone that is also used as a chemical intermediate and as an ingredient in wood preservatives and floor sealants.


KANFLOW-35 is an anionic dispersing agent for paints. KANFLOW-35 is conglomeration of purity, freshness and perfect composition. It is having precise composition, longer life span and purity.

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Laponite B

Laptonite B is a synthetic layered fluorosilicate. It is insoluble in water but hydrates and swells to give translucent, colorless colloidal dispersions.

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