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Claytone ER

Claytone ER organoclay is designed to improve viscosity and yield point characteristics in drilling fluids.

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Claytone HT

Claytone HT is a modified montmorillonite designed for use in systems containing aromatic and aliphatic solvents that display low to medium polarity.

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Cristal 121

Cristal 121 is an alumina/silica modified chloride-process rutile titanium dioxide pigment. Designed for use as a multipurpose product. It offers a blend of good optical performance with a high level of durability making it suitable for use in a wide range of interior and exterior coatings and plastics applications.


Cristol-OTB is a substituted Dicyandiamide type-Curing Agent suitable for the production of epoxy based powder coatings. It is used in the production of clear, high gloss, pigmented, colour stable, rapid reacting epoxy resin powder coating. Powder Coatings based on Cristol-OTB are characterized by good flow & distinction of image. Minimum cure schedule recommended is 15 minutes @ 160° (metal temperature).

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Cristol-TPP is a versatile aryl phosphite, which is used as a stabilizer in many types of Paints, Coating, Inks, Epoxies etc. It is used to reduce the colour of the long oil Alkyd resin. These Alkyd resins constitute the most widely used resins in the manufacture of synthetic enamel paints. Vegetable and non-vegetable triglyceride oils are the main ingredients in alkyds. Under the drastic manufacturing conditions for alkyds there is a possibility of the unsaturated fatty acid getting oxidized thereby producing an inferior colored and partly polymerized product. This ultimately affects the brightness, color and film properties of the final paint. The above defect can be overcome by using Cristol-TPP in the manufacturing of Alkyd Resins, Antioxidant etc.

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Desmocap 12

Desmocap 12 is a linear polyurethane prepolymer with crosslinking blocked isocyanate groups. As a raw material for the flexibilisation of epoxy resins and in the formulation of flexible coatings and sealants. Desmocap 12 yields softer and more flexible systems than Desmocap 11. It can be used to formulate curable, liquid, solvent-free polyurethane systems.

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Disprol H20

Disprol H20 is a nonionic surfactant, wetting properties improved. Maintain a reduced viscosity allows the milling of pigments or as a dispersant coatings with high solids loading.

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Dynoadd F-1

Dynoadd F-1 is a polymeric, non-silicone general-purpose flow and anti-crater additive for solvent-borne coatings. It lowers surface tension in coating formulations.

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EMULTEX 518 is polyvinyl alcohol stabilized vinyl acetate homopolymer dispersion. EMULTEX 518 has been designed specifically for use in the building industry as a general purpose bonding agent, a concrete and cement additive and as a general purpose adhesive. EMULTEX 518 meets the requirements of BS5270 - Polyvinyl acetate (PVAC) emulsion bonding agents for internal use with gypsum building plasters.

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EMULTEX 523 is vinyl acetate/VeoVa10 copolymer dispersion. EMULTEX 523 is a medium particle size, colloid stabilized dispersion. EMULTEX 523 is heavily stabilized with good scrub resistance and high gloss. EMULTEX 523 is recommended for matt and silk wall paints and intumescent coatings.

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