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Expancel DE

Expancel DE is used in products where no water can be added.Expancel DE is used to reduce weight with maintained properties, to improve sandability, to reduce density and improve thermo shock resistance, and to improve workability.

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Expancel WE

Expancel WE is used in waterborne products and has a solid content of about 15%. Expancel WE is used to increase solar reflection and thermal insulation,for outstanding filling capacity, soft touch, to get reliable frost resistance and reduce shrinkage.

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FLUO X-1406

FLUO X-1406 is a micronized polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) additive that has been developed for use in applications where excellent lubricity, as well as rub and temperature resistance are required. FLUO X-1406 is unique from other FLUO PTFE waxes in that the particle morphology is actually a “cluster” of sub-micron PTFE particles.


INDULIN ISE is a complex reaction product specifically formulated for anionic slow-set emulsions. It is used in industrial coatings, slurry sealing, seal coating.

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KAMICRYL 61 is a pure acrylic emulsion for high quality emulsion paint for exterior & interior application.

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KANE ACE MX is a concentrate of core shell rubber (CSR) toughening agent in liquid epoxy resin.Kane Ace MX is extremely stable, providing extended shelf life (multiple years) and unmatched batch to batch consistency. Kane Ace MX is remarkably "clean" with little or no residual surfactants or ionic contaminants.

Kaneka XMAP

Kaneka XMAP is a reactive liquid polyacrylate with controlled molecular chain length. It is made by a state-of-the-art living radical polymerisation technology, under which the polyacrylate polymer has a well-controlled structure, i.e. designed backbone, narrow polydispersity and high functionality.

Nano sol-30

Nano sol-30 is compactable with waterborne clear lacquers and water based poly urethane. NanoSol-30 increases hardness,abrasive resistance and friction,adhesion.Nano Sol -30 is used in formulations in the textile industry. Nano Sol-30 is used in combination with other ingredients. Nano sol-30 can protect the weave structure, improve seam slippage, dry hand, and control fabric sheen in textiles. Nano Sol-30 gives special finishing effects to blends and to fabrics made of cotton, wool, synthetic fibres and filaments. Textile finishers achieve outstanding results in dyeing and finishing using Nano Sol-30 solutions.

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Nubirox 102

Nubirox 102 is a white anticorrosive pigment with high performance features and high compatibility recommended pigment for one coat high gloss application.

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