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Patcote 519

Patcote 519 is a specialty defoamer formulated for difficult systems where foam is enhanced by high-foaming acrylics. It is used in industrial coatings, architectural paints etc.

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Polyaniline is a conducting polymer of the semi-flexible rod polymer.It is usually found folded with other polymers.Polyaniline comes in a granular form which can be mixed with an organic chemical and painted or sprayed onto a substance to form a smooth layer of polyaniline. It can also be molded into various shapes.It is made by polymerizing aniline molecules through a chemical reaction with a substance such as hydrochloric acid.It is used in antistatics, charge dissipation or electrostatic dispersive coatings and blends, electromagnetic interference shielding ,anti-corrosive coatings, hole injection layers,transparent conductors, ITO replacements, actuators, chemical vapor and solution based sensors, electrochromic coatings.

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RayCryl 412

RayCryl 412 is a 100% acrylic emulsion designed for blending with cement and concrete products.RayCryl 412 provides excellent workability, flexibility and compressive strength.It exhibits outstanding pot life under high temperature condition.

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RayFlex 303

RayFlex 303 is a high-solids, acrylic elastomeric emulsion polymer for high performance wall mastics and roof coatings.RayFlex 303 provide outstanding adhesion to a wide range of construction substrates,high tensile strength and elongation,excellent exterior durability and UV resistance.

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RayVace 331

RayVace 331 is a high solid, all-purpose vinyl acrylic emulsion designed for industrial and architectural applications

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RayVace 678

RayVace 678 is an APEO and formaldehyde free vinyl acrylic emulsion polymer, designed specifically for interior flat and semigloss coatings

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Spolostan 4

Spolostan 4 is a range of high-performance dispersing agents for coatings, pigments and dyes.Spolostan 4 is a highly efficient dispersing agent for paper, leather, rubber and plastic industries and levelling and dispersing agent for dyeing of textile and other materials. It is suitable for dyeing, preparation and stabilizing of dispersions and for suspension polymerization.

Spolostan 7

Spolostan 7 is high-molecular polynaphthalene sulfonate used as plasticizing and water reducing agent for concrete and mortar mixtures and in the process of making the gypsum boards. Spolostan 7 is suitable for concrete aging at both normal and increased temperatures, including the CSA technologies (steam curing, autoclaved concrete etc.). It is recommended for concrete with target compressive strength of 20-40 (50) MPa. Spolostan 7 is also favorable for prestressed concrete.


Synthro-Cor is used as corrosion inhibitors, anti flashrust.


Synthro-Pon is used as pigments wetting and dispersing agents.

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