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Tinuvin 292

Tinuvin 292 is a liquid hindered amine light stabilizer especially developed for coatings. It is an almost pure mixture of the two active ingredients below. It is this combination that keeps the product liquid, unlike the pure diester which tends to solidify, even at room temperature. The efficiency of Tinuvin 292 provides significantly extended lifetime to coatings by minimizing paint defects such as cracking and loss of gloss. The dispersion of Tinuvin® 292 in waterborne coatings may be facilitated by dilution with a watermiscible solvent such as butylcarbitol. The performance of Tinuvin 292 can be significantly improved when used in combination with a UV absorber such as recommended below. These synergistic combinations give coatings superior protection against gloss reduction, cracking, blistering, delamination and color change.


Vocaflex-LF are VOC free and/or VOC poor aqueous pigment preparations, which have been adjusted density wise and which can be used in dosing and mixing devices


Vocaplast-L is a paste basing on linseed oil. It shows an outstanding transparency in wood glazes with different colour shades but can also be used in biological plastics based on corn or potatoe starch.


ACEMATT 3300 is an advanced polymer-treated thermal silica, characterised by very good matting efficiency combined with high transparency. Fields of application include water-based coatings, waterborne UV coatings, clear coatings, coatings for leather and films, and all types of top coats. As the absorption of associative thickeners in waterborne formulations is minimal, an excellent rheological stability is achieved. Coating formulations containing it also show outstanding resistance against household chemicals.

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AROFLINT 809 is a high acid value polyester supplied at 71% solids in a HAPs compliant solvent blend. It is used in combination with an oxirane-modified ester such as AROFLINT 303-X-90, AROFLINT608 or EPOTUF 607 at various ratios to yield high performance coatings where excellent appearance, durability and toughness are required

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AROFLINT 810 is an acid functional polyester resin supplied at 70% solids in a HAPS compliant solvent blend. It is used in combination with AROFLINT® 607, AROFLINT® 608, or AROFLINT® 303-X-90 to formulate high performance, durable coatings.

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AS-28 Sealer

AS-28 Sealer a free V.O.C. water-based hybrid siloxane sealer. It is designed as an effective penetrative sealer for various types of mineral and in-organic substrates. It is used for water based Acrylic, Silanes, Siloxane wall & floor coating systems.

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Abietic acid

Abietic acid (also known as abietinic acid or sylvic acid), a resin acid, is the primary irritant in pine wood and resin, isolated from rosin (via isomerization) and is the most abundant of several closely-related organic acids that constitute most of rosin, the solid portion of the oleoresin of coniferous trees. Its ester is called an abietate.Rosin acids are converted into ester gum by reaction with controlled amounts of glycerol or other polyhydric alcohols. Ester gum has drying properties and is used in paints, varnishes, and lacquers.

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Accepta 2510

Accepta 2510 is a very versatile and effective liquid biocide based on 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol (bronopol) - 15%. Accepta 2510 is used for controlling bacterial growth in industrial process systems such as industrial process waters, re-circulating water cooling towers and evaporative condensers, oil production and transport, and pulp and paper production. It is also effective in preservation of adhesives, starch pigment and extender slurries, printing inks, fountain solutions, paints, latex and antifoam emulsion systems.

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