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Cerium Oxide Industrial Grade 99.9%

Cerium oxide is faint brown powder or faint yellow powder of CaF2 structure, which is hard to melt. Common oxides of cerium is cerium(III) oxide and cerium dioxide. Cerium dioxide is most important and typical oxide of cerium. Cerium(III) oxide has hexagonal structure of rare earth sesquioxide, which is mainly for catalysts.

Cerium Oxide

CAS No.:1306-38-3 EINECS No.:215-150-4 Molecular Formula:CeO2 Molecular Weight:208.15
Melting Point:2400℃ Density:7.65    


Cerium dioxide is mainly for polishing agent of lens. Rare earth polishing powder get wide applications in polishing of  camera, teletube, spectecles glasses, which is also for glass industry.

In glass industry, cerium dioxide combine with titanium dioxide, which make glass show yellow. it use for glass decolorizing, which have high temperature stability, low cost and nonabsorption of visible light and other advantages. Additionally cerium(IV) oxide add into glass for building and automotive glass, which can reduce light transmittance of ultraviolet light.

Ceric dioxide is raw material for production of rare earth luminescent material. It use as activating agent in luminescent material rare earth trichromatic phosphor of energy saving lamp and fluorescent powder of indicator light and radiation detector.

Cerium(IV) oxide is raw material in ceramic glaze and electronic industry as infiltration agent of piezoelectric ceramics. It is also as sensitizer of semiconductor material, advanced pigment and photosensitive glass, purifier of automobile exhaust.

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Chempart SC 100

Chempart SC100 is a polysaccharide resin. Chempart SC100 surrounds the dispersed water droplets impeding their attraction with each other, through steric stabilization of the water-in-oil emulsion. During water evaporation Chempart SC100 prevents voids and pinholes from forming in the film and results in maintenance of film durability and performance.

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Chloroethane is a chemical compound, once widely used in producing tetraethyllead, a gasoline additive. It is a colorless, flammable gas or refrigerated liquid with a faintly sweet odor. The important use of ethyl chloride is in treating cellulose to make ethylcellulose, a thickening agent and binder in paints, cosmetics, and similar products. It acts as a mild topical anesthetic by its chilling effect when sprayed on skin, such as when removing splinters in a clinical setting. It is a recreational inhalant drug, sometimes referred to as "Duster".

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Chloromethylisothiazolinone is a cosmetic chemical. is also used in glue production, detergents, paints, fuels and other industrial processes. It is also used in glue production, detergents, paints, fuels and other industrial processes.

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Chromium(III) Oxide

Chromium(III) oxide is an inorganic compound. It is one of principal oxides of chromium and is used as a pigment. It is used in paints, inks, and glasses. It is one of the materials that are used when polishing the edges of knives on a piece of leather.

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Claytone ER

Claytone ER organoclay is designed to improve viscosity and yield point characteristics in drilling fluids.

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Claytone HT

Claytone HT is a modified montmorillonite designed for use in systems containing aromatic and aliphatic solvents that display low to medium polarity.

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CleanGrip 111

CleanGrip 111 is an alumina based, nonskid coating designed to reduce the slipperiness of shipping containers by providing excellent slide angles. CleanGrip 111 has a low pH that does not resolubilize ink and can prevent ink smearing. It is designed to be applied by spray coater or roll coater.

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CoatOSil 1221

surfactant is a non-fluorine based organomodified siloxane surfactant with the unique superwetting properties in waterborne coatings for spray applications, high-speed roll applications and hard-to-wet surfaces. It can also improve flow and leveling properties, while remaining stable in aqueous formulations having pH 6-8.

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CoatOSil 2400

CoatOSil 2400 coatings additive is a polyethylene oxide-modified silicone copolymer with an unusually high degree of modification, making it very compatible with waterborne solvents and resins and compatible with solvent-borne systems.It exhibits flow and leveling improvement without foam generation in conventional and high-solids solvent-borne systems.

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