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KAMICRYL 126 is an styrene acrylic copolymer for superior quality textured paint with high sheen.

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KANCIDE-6992 is a biocide for pain industries. KANCIDE-6992 ensures matt finish with durable foundation, waterproof and easy to mix and apply.

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Laponite RDS

Laponite RDS is a synthetic layered silicate. It is insoluble in water but hydrates and swells to give clear and colorless colloidal dispersions. Laponite RDS for imparting a shear sensitive structure to a wide range of waterborne formulations. These include household and industrial surface coatings, cleansers, ceramic glazes agrochemical, oilfield and horticultural products. It can be used to generate thixotropy, to control color migration, to develop static dissipative films, and to generate pleasing texture and consistency for personal care products.

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Medetomidine is a synthetic drug used as both a surgical anesthetic and analgesic. It is a crystalline white alpha-two adrenergic agonist that can be administered as an intravenous drug solution with sterile water. It is often used in combinations with opioids as premedication in healthy cats and dogs. It can be used as an antifouling substance in marine paint.

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Micropro 700

Micropro 700 is a unique combination of modified polypropylene and PTFE that has been micronized to a 2.0-3.0 NPIRI grind gauge reading.Micropro 700 has been formulated to impart gloss reduction and blocking resistance along with lubricity (slip) provided by PTFE. Micropro 700 will also impart improved mar and rub resistance. Micropro 700 prevents settling of silica flatting additives and improves burnish and metal marking resistance in low gloss paints and coatings.

Optiflo H370

Optiflo H370 is a non-ionic, APEO-free and hydrophobe modified polymer designed especially for thickening dispersion paints and aqueous lacquer systems. It is characterized by a slight pseudoplasticity.

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Optiflo H600

Optiflo H600 is a non-ionic, APO-free and hydrophobe modified polymer designed especially for pseudoplastic thickening of emulsion paints and aqueous lacquer systems. Optiflo H600 is used in various emulsions such as styrene acrylates, pure acrylates, polyvinyl acetates, and others, as well as in alkyd and epoxy emulsions; in emulsions, an anti-sagging effect is provided in addition to thickening.

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Optiflo L100

Optiflo L100 is a non-ionic, solvent-free, hydrophobe modified polymer designed especially for newtonian thickening of aqueous dispersion systems which show no or low emissiveness. Optiflo L100 can be used in styrene acrylate, polyvinyl acetate and acrylate dispersions.

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Paint Driers

Aryavart Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. offers a complete range of Paint Driers developed specially for use as Driers in Paints and Varnishes. These are metallic salts of synthetic carboxylic acid, and are characterised by controlled metal concentration, compatability with the paint media and are subject to rigid quality control tests. Salts of napthenic acid used as driers have excellent solubility and stability and they are offered as solutions in mineral turpentine at definite metal concentrations. Octoates/ Iso Octoates are metallic salt solutions of synthetic carboxylic acid which have a definite composition and are of the lightest colour. They compare in drying performance to naphthenates but have a lighter colour, lower viscosity and less odour and have a precise composition. To manufacture these products we have set up a hi-tech plant to manufacture 12000 MT per annum of Paint Driers at Jalgaon. International trade magazines have taken note of this plant.

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