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CoatOSil 2400

CoatOSil 2400 coatings additive is a polyethylene oxide-modified silicone copolymer with an unusually high degree of modification, making it very compatible with waterborne solvents and resins and compatible with solvent-borne systems.It exhibits flow and leveling improvement without foam generation in conventional and high-solids solvent-borne systems.

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CoatOSil 3500

CoatOSil 3500 coatings additive provides an excellent balance of properties in radiation cure coatings. It reduces coefficient of friction (COF) in acrylate based coatings, without generating foam or reducing gloss.

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DIKO - LVDISP is a unique product working as a wetting agent, emulsifier, dispersing agent and levelling agent.

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Desmocap 1190

Desmocap 1190 is a branched polymer with ether and urethane groups, contains crosslinking, blocked isocyanate groups. It is used as raw material for in the flexibilisation of epoxy resins and the formulation of flexible coatings and sealing compounds. can be used to formulate curable solvent-free liquid polyurethane systems for use as surface sealing compounds, containment coatings and flexible mortars for laying ceramic tiles or floor pavers. It can be combined with liquid A and/or F grade epoxy resins.

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Desmocoll 140

Desmocoll 140 is predominantly linear hydroxyl polyurethane. Desmocoll 140 is flexible polyurethane. Compared with Desmocoll 130 it has a lower crystallization rate and gives solutions of particularly low viscosity. Desmocoll 140 is suitable for the formulation of adhesives for use on various materials; e.g., leather, rubber, textiles, wood, many plastics (including PU elastomers), plastic films and aluminum foils. Desmocoll 140 polyurethane has poor adhesion to materials containing plasticizers.

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EAZYKOTE W316 is best replacement for solvent based coatings, acid/alkali resistant, abrasion and impact resistant,waterproofing of Nylon Polyester Fabrics and stain and salt spray resistant. EAZYKOTE W316 is mainly used for Textile, Leather, Plastics, Rubber and Wood industry.

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FibreMax 105B

FibreMax 105B is a new alternative to paraffin wax for treating medium. It is a repulpable, machine ready, fiber treatment that increases the strength of paper and corrugated containers under humid conditions. It can be applied by blade, rod or roll coater.

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GARAMITE 1958 is very easy to disperse in a variety of formulation types relative to many rheological additives. Garamite 1958 is highly efficient and allows a reduced level compared to other rheological additives to achieve the desired anti-sag behavior for the application. Garamite 1958 performs particularly well in solvent-based systems and high solids systems. Garamite 1958 is a rheological additive which functions to impart thixotropy to a formulation giving the formulator viscosity control. Another key property that results from addition of the thixotrope is sag resistance which prevents a coating or adhesive from sagging on a vertical surface after application. One unique feature of Garamite 1958 is that in many formulations, the viscosity of the A-Side containing the thixotrope remains very low while the resulting anti-sag performance is superior to competitive materials. Garamite 1958 to provide excellent sag resistance and have a low A-Side viscosity is attributed to its quick recovery to its original viscosity when shear is removed. Garamite 1958 has a relatively high bulk density compared to fumed silica (~ 8 lbs/cu. ft. versus 2.5 - 5 lbs/cu. ft.). This greatly reduces the 'dustiness' of Garamite 1958. Airborne particles are minimized which reduces the inhalation factor, thereby, contributing to increased employee comfort. Garamite 1958 can be used to control rheology in a variety of applications including those using unsaturated polyester resins (UPR), vinyl ester resins and epoxy resins. Garamite 1958 is very effective at suspending fillers and pigments in many systems such as highly filled epoxy resin formulations,DCPD, Orthophthalic, Isophthalic and PET resins for laminating and gelcoat systems.

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Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is the smallest α-hydroxy acid. It is used in various skin-care products. It is used to improve the skin's appearance and texture. It may reduce wrinkles, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and improve many other skin conditions, including actinic keratosis, hyperkeratosis, and seborrheic keratosis. Glycolic acid is also a useful intermediate for organic synthesis, in a range of reactions including: oxidation-reduction, esterification and long chain polymerization. It is used as a monomer in the preparation of polyglycolic acid and other biocompatible copolymers. Among other uses this compound finds employment in the textile industry as a dyeing and tanning agent, in food processing as a flavoring agent and as a preservative. Glycolic acid is often included into emulsion polymers, solvents and additives for ink and paint in order to improve flow properties and impart gloss.

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