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Siltech 100HV

Siltech 100HV is a single component silicone RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) coating. It has been specially formulated for use on high voltage insulators. Its unique hydrophobic qualities give it the ability to shed water making it self-cleaning.

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Siltech 300HV

Siltech 300HV is a silicone grease compound designed to coat and protect high voltage insulators from arc tracking and flashover that can be the result of contaminant build-up caused by moisture (rain, high humidity, etc), combining with pollens, dirt, salts, etc., on the surface of the insulator.

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Surfynol 104E

Surfynol 104E is a nonionic surfactant that has a combination of benefits, including wetting defoaming and improving pigment dispersions. Its unique chemical structure provides multifunctional properties such as surface tension reduction, foam control and viscosity stabilization. Surfynol 104E is a 50% active liquid in Dipropylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether. Surfynol 104E provides performance benefits in many waterborne applications such as coatings, paints, adhesives, inks, pigment manufacture and dispersion, cements, metalworking lubricants, agricultural chemicals and dye processing.

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Surfynol AD01

Surfynol AD01 is a 100% active molecular defoamer, nonionic wetting agent, and coalescing surfactant that combines good defoaming performance with substrate wetting and improved film formation in waterborne paints and coatings.

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TRONOX CR-813 offers outstanding brightness, high tinting strength and opacity in flat finishes compared to standard universal grades of titanium dioxide with very minimal adjustments to the paint formulation. It can achieve a 10% reduction in titanium dioxide while still providing improved opacity and tint strength.


TRONOX CR-826 is a dense silica/alumina-treated rutile pigment that offers flexibility for multiple applications.TRONOX CR-826 is a universal multipurpose grade combining very good optical properties with very high durability. It has high gloss, easy dispersion, exceptional tinting strength, excellent chalk resistance, and gloss retention in exterior applications. TRONOX CR-826 exhibits very low dispersant demand, a benefit for water-borne systems, as well as low oil absorption and vehicle demand, a benefit for high solids coatings. TRONOX CR-826 is recommended for a wide range of applications including architectural coatings, industrial coatings and powder coatings. In plastic and rubber applications; TRONOX CR-826 offers excellent tinting strength, ease of dispersion and very high exterior durability. It is recommended for exterior plastics applications including vinyl siding, window profiles and fencing, agricultural film and outdoor furniture, where it provides excellent color retention and chalk resistance.


TRONOX CR-880 is a chloride process, dense silica alumina treated, super durable rutile titanium dioxide pigment grade that is used in coatings, plastics, and rubber applications. It is designed to provide exceptional chalk resistance, and yellowing resistance, as well as gloss and color retention in exterior applications. In addition to its exceptional exterior durability, TRONOX CR-880 offers high gloss, excellent opacifying power, and outstanding dispersibility.TRONOX CR-880 is designed to meet the harshest environmental conditions.

Total xylenes

The term xylene or xylol refers to a mixture of three aromatic hydrocarbon isomers closely related to benzene. Xylene is a clear, colorless, sweet-smelling liquid that is very flammable. It is usually refined from crude oil in a process called alkylation. It is also produced as a by-product from coal carbonisation derived from coke ovens, extracted from crude benzole from gas, or by dehydrocyclodimerization and methylating of toluene and benzene.[1] It is also manufactured from reformate.Xylene is used as a solvent in the printing, rubber, and leather industries. Xylene is also used as an inhalant drug for its intoxicating properties.

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Triethylamine is mainly used in the production of quaternary ammonium compounds for textile auxiliaries and quaternary ammonium salts of dyes. It is also a catalyst and acid neutralizer for condensation reactions and is useful as an intermediate for manufacturing medicines, pesticides and other chemicals.

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Turboset 2025

Turboset 2025 is a novel urethane dispersion engineered for professional contractor-applied. Turboset 2025 urethane dispersion employs proprietary Lubrizol self-crosslinking chemistry to ensure an ultimate durability of wood floor finishes without additional crosslinkers; such as polyfunctional aziridine (XAMA) or water-dispersible isocyanates. It reduces waste and also eliminates many potential health and environmental hazards associated when external crosslinkers are used in conventional two-component systems.

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