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ABIETA DR 835A, a dehydrogenated / partially hydrogenated rosin used for the manufacture of emulsifiers for the polymerization process and for pigment coating.

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ACEMATT OK 520 is a fine-grained wax after-treated precipitated silica. This matting agent is suitable for pigmented, as well as non-pigmented systems and due to the suspension behaviour particularly applicable in clear coatings. It shows good application properties particularly in water-based systems. It also offers high transparency and high chemical resistance.

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ACEMATT TS 100 is an untreated thermal silica characterised by very high matting efficiency combined with very high transparency. It can be used in water-based coatings, waterborne UV coatings, clear coatings, coatings for leather and films, as well as all types of top coats.

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ACRILEM IC 390 is APEO free, very fine water based dispersion of a self-cross-linking acrylic copolymer developed for formulating gloss enamels, primers and clear varnishes for wood with very good anti-blocking properties and superior water and exterior resistances. It is used for gloss enamels, primers, clear varnishes for wood.


ACRILEM IC 398 is APEO free, very fine water based dispersion of a core shell self-cross-linking acrylic copolymer developed to formulate clear varnishes for exterior wood with outstanding anti-blocking and water resistance properties. It is used as clear varnishes for exterior wood.


ACRILEM ST 181 is APEO, ammonia and formaldehyde free water based styrene acrylic emulsion with excellent alkali and water resistance as well as good exterior durability with improved adhesion on mineral substrates and water resistance. It is used for interior paints, masonry and façade paints, textured finishes.


ACRYSOL DR-130 is a synthetic, liquid thickener that provides a low cost/high performance alternative to cellulosic thickeners in interior flat latex paints. The rheology modifier provides application and feel properties very similar to high molecular weight grades of cellulosic thickeners. It is easy to handle and incorporate into paint and is highly resistant to microbial attack.

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Acheson TW-081

Acheson TW-081 is a flexible, low friction, dry film lubricant weatherstip coating. It is used for mar resistant, smooth, low gloss coating for multiple seal requirements of seal protection, including glassrun and door seal applications.

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Acheson TW-092

Acheson TW-092 is a flexible, low friction, dry film lubricant weatherstip coating. It provides superior noise suppression and abrasion protection for dense seals.

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Acriflow 041-S

Acriflow 041-S is sodium polyacrylate dispersing agent. It is the sodium salt of polyacrylic acid of medium molecular weight. It is used as a dispersant, anti-scalent and suspending agent in a wide variety of industrial processes and applications.

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