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CeRam-Kote 99P

CeRam-Kote 99P is a thin-film, spray applied, brushed or rolled on air-cured ceramic epoxy coating system recommended for use as a protective coating for residential, public and commercial pools and spas. CeRam-Kote 99P is available in a variety of colors.

CeRam-Kote SPG

CeRam-Kote SPG is a technically advanced ceramic, 100% novolac epoxy material that has been designed to be a high-build corrosion barrier as well as use for patching severe pitting in steel, spalling and cracks in concrete floors and walls where corrosion and chemical attack are problems. CeRam-Kote SPG is ideal for high abrasion, erosion, and corrosion environments in both critical and non-critical areas. CeRam-Kote SPG may be used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with other CERAMKOTE coating materials.

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Cobalt Acetate

Cobalt(II) acetate is the cobalt(II) salt of acetic acid. It is a powerful oxidation catalyst. It is used as a dryer in paint and varnish. It is also used as a feed additive mineral supplement.

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Cobalt Octoate

Cobalt Octoate strongly promotes surface drying. It is Bluish Violet in color, but low effect on color on the dry paint film. Cobalt Octoate produces less discoloration in wet paint and upon ageing of dried paint.

Curran THIXC70

Curran THIXC70 designed to impart improved storage stability and superior application properties to architectural and industrial water-based coatings. Curran THIXC70 has been shown to be very effective in water-borne epoxy primers and finish coats due to a unique interaction with water dispersed epoxy resins and curing agents. Curran THIXC70 has been shown to impart excellent sag control to these epoxy systems at very low use levels, even in highly filled water-borne epoxy primers.

Diethyl Ketone

Diethyl Ketone is used as a solvent and an intermediate in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, flavors and pesticides.

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DigiPrime 2000

DigiPrime 2000 is flexo and gravure ready and provides excellent adhesion of Indigo inks to uncoated, mottled, semi-gloss and glossy paper grades. It may be applied by flexo or gravure coating systems.

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DigiPrime 2500

DigiPrime 2500 is a product that can be added to size press treatments or pigment coatings to optimize substrates for HP Indigo printability. It can be applied at the size press with addition to suitable size press starch mixtures or within pigment coatings or applied directly to the paper from flexo, gravure or other roll applicator techniques.

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DisperBYK-2118 was developed for use in solvent-borne printing inks and pigment concentrates. It is mainly used in the dispersion of carbon blacks and organic phthalo pigments (blue and green).

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EMULTEX VV 665 is a medium particle size, colloid stabilised dispersion. EMULTEX VV 665 offers high scrub resistance and high gloss. EMULTEX VV 665 is recommended for solvent free matt and silk paints. When suitably compounded EMULTEX VV 665 is recommended as a binder in the production of flexible fillers, caulks and DIY cartridge applied sealants.

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