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BECKOSOL 11-035 is a soya-based, medium-oil alkyd supplied at 50% non-volatile in mineral spirits. It offers good durability and water resistance.

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BECKOSOL 11-070 is a pure, medium oil soya/linseed alkyd designed to meet the resin requirements of Federal Specification TT-R-266 Type III. It offers good gloss and color retention.

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BECKOSOL 12-054 is a high-viscosity, short oil TOFA alkyd. It offers good color retention and exterior durability.

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BECKOSOL 12-102 is a chain-stopped alkyd to be used as a single resin or in combination with other resins. It offers good hardness, color and color retention.

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Baycoll AD 2055

Baycoll AD 2055 is a linear polyester polyol that is suitable for combination with Desmodur in the formulation of adhesives with a low solvent content, adhesives with particularly good resistance to hydrolysis for bonding many different materials, e.g. wood, metal and plastic. Baycoll AD 2055 is suitable for use in the formulation of reactive adhesives with a low solvent content. It can be thinned with solvents such as esters, ketones and aromatics.

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Bismuth Nitrate

Bismuth Nitrate is used for electronic ceramics, fluorescent paint,bismuth salts, pharmaceuticals.

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Bruggolite FF6M

Bruggolite FF6M is formaldehyde free reducing agent and is best suited for lower-pH reactions.


Butoxytriglycol is a highly versatile product that offers low volatility and excellent solvency. Its high performance properties are exhibited in a number applications, including textile dyes, coatings and cleaners.

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CLP7469/CLI4161 is a general purpose epoxy compound.It is used for operating Coils, Transformers and Electronics.

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CLR1180/CLH6770 is a two component, unfilled, room temperature cure epoxy, used for coating, casting & adhesive applications.

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