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Cobalt is found naturally only in chemically combined form. It is used in the preparation of magnetic, wear-resistant and high-strength alloys. Cobalt silicate and cobalt(II) aluminate give a distinctive deep blue color to glass, smalt, ceramics, inks, paints and varnishes. Lithium cobalt oxide is widely used in lithium ion battery cathodes. Several cobalt compounds are used in chemical reactions as oxidation catalysts. Other uses of cobalt are in electroplating, owing to its attractive appearance, hardness and resistance to oxidation, and as ground coats for porcelain enamels.

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Ebot-W is a 2 components, low V.O.C. water-based epoxy with bitumen extender designed as an anticorrosion coating over various types of substrate. It can also be use as an undercoat for water-based topcoats like epoxy and polyurethane.

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GLASCA maintains semi-permanent gloss with its superior weather-resistance, dirt-resistance and heat-resistance. It also offers outstanding hardness and transparency. GLASCA is used in applications such as cement construction materials and heat-resistant coloring for aluminum products.

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KELATE is high quality water-borne products that have been developed with new technology and with emphasis on ultra low volatile organic compound (V.O.C.) and near zero safety hazards. KELATEs are highly reactive conversion coatings used for the passivation of residual rust on steel.


Kaolin is used in ceramics, medicine, coated paper, as a food additive in toothpaste, as a light diffusing material in white incandescent light bulbs, and in cosmetics. It is generally the main component in porcelain. It is also used in paint to extend titanium dioxide and modify gloss levels; in rubber for semi-reinforcing properties; and in adhesives to modify rheology. The largest use is in the production of paper, including ensuring the gloss on some grades of paper.

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MS-8CZ Surface Primer is heavy duty, anti-corrosive modified epoxy primer which forms a tough abrasion resistant film that protects the substrate from salt and chemical attack. MS-8CZ Surface Primer is designed to be used in conjunction with American Safety Technologies high performance non-slip decking products and meets the low volatile organic compound requirements of California and NAVSEA air pollution guidelines.

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PFC105 is having extremely higher weather resistance than conventionally available weather resistant products, this product is best used in architectural exterior paints, heavy-duty anti-corrosion paints, automotive top coat paints, and other applications requiring high weather resistance. PFC105 is having 87% TiO2.

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SR507A is a trifunctional monomer that can be used to enhance hardness, heat and solvent resistance, and electrical properties in polymer systems including polyolefins, epoxies, polyesters, and polyvinyl chloride.

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