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SLIP-AYD SL 551 is a dispersion of a high melt polyethylene wax in aromatic 100/n-butanol solvents. It provides exceptional resistance to blocking, abrasion and improved slip properties. Its application include in general industrial coatings, coil coatings, wood finishes, plastic coatings etc.

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SLIP-AYD SL 555 is a 100% powder, polyolefin/carnauba blend wax, suitable for variety of coating and ink applications. It provides carnauba-like properties by providing excellent very low coefficient of friction and excellent product release for solvent free and UV systems. It provides excellent rub and abrasion resistance, excellent mar and scratch resistance, excellent slip and further excellent block resistance.

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Sodium Stannate

Sodium Stannate is used as fire retardant. It is used as a salt in alkaline tin plating electrolyte. It is used in surface coatings (paper) and also used in manufacturing of other metallic stannates and tin oxide coatings.

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Solvent Naphtha

Solvent Naphtha is refined petroleum naphtha of restricted boiling range. It is used as an industrial solvent for cleaning, adhesives and paints. It is also used as a medium in oil paint manufacture and an ingredient in shoe polish.

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SpeedBlock 1130

SpeedBlock 1130 is a liquid hydroxyphenyl benzotriazole type UV absorber for use in coatings and adhesives. SpeedBlock 1130 is typically used at 0.1-2.0% depending on the processing conditions and end application.

StaticBan 1005N

StaticBan 1005N is a conductive coating which imparts a reliable, electrically conductive surface around sensitive electronic parts such as integrated circuit chips, circuit boards and other similar items. It can be applied by rod coater on or off-line at the corrugator.

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Surfynol DF-220

Surfynol DF-220 is a shear-stable, oil-based defoamer that provides excellent long-term foam control for medium to high pigment volume concentration paints and coatings. It is also useful for formulation for application over absorbent substrates.

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TRIOBAN PC 1070 is an ultra fine dispersion of speciality compound with hydrocarbon and generally used for high gloss paints or architectural coatings.

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TRIOBAN PC 8030 is mainly used for water based paints and application in paints where silicone can be compatible.It is a PDMD Compound emulsion.

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TRIOBAN PC 8034 is made up of proprietary blend of hydrocarbons and non-iconic surfactants. TRIOBAN PC 8034 is suitable for emulsion paints and adhesives.

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